Southern Boulevard


The Department of City Planning has launched a study of this area for a possible rezoning.



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Mixed Reactions to Protesters Shutting Down City Planning Meeting

The Department of City Planning says it will ‘continue to work to create a safe space’ for discussion about a possible rezoning of Southern Boulevard in the Bronx after city officials ordered a community engagement workshop shut down last Thursday evening when protests erupted.

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Key Councilmember Threatens to Block Rezoning Over Displacement Data

Rafael Salamanca said a rezoning slated for his district would be ‘dead on arrival’ if the de Blasio administration did not provide estimates of how many residents and businesses might be displaced.

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Resident Input Sought as City Edges Toward Possible Bronx Rezoning

Councilman Rafael Salamanca, who represents the area, says his biggest concern is the possible displacement of residents and small businesses.

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De Blasio’s Sixth Year in Office Could Feature Three Neighborhood Rezonings

The mayor in 2015 set a goal of rezoning up to 15 neighborhoods in a drive to create more density and more affordable housing. Five rezonings have passed and at least three are likely to move forward in 2019.

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