In New York’s Fight to Legalize Basement Apartments, What About Cellars? 

While Gov. Kathy Hochul included a pathway to basement legalization in her February budget proposal, the word ‘cellar’ is absent from her plan. The two terms may be indistinguishable to most property owners, but they’re different under zoning and dwelling laws, and excluding cellars from the state’s plan would omit a significant swath of below-grade housing stock from potential conversion, advocates say.

Social Housing in the Spotlight: NYC Lawmakers Seek ‘Paradigm Shift’ in Tackling Affordability Crisis

Councilmembers are weighing a slate of bills to expand programs and resources that follow the model of social housing—deeply affordable homes built “for public good” rather than profit, what supporters say could help turn the tide in a city where increasing numbers of tenants are struggling to afford rent. But City Hall officials pushed back on some of the proposals, saying they could undermine Mayor Adams’ efforts to build new housing as quickly as possible.

NYC Housing Calendar, March 9-15

City Limits rounds up the latest housing and land use-related events, public hearings and upcoming affordable housing lotteries that are ending soon. Adi TalwarNew Dorp Plaza, Staten Island

Welcome to City Limits’ NYC Housing Calendar, a weekly feature where we round up the latest housing and land use-related events and hearings, as well as upcoming affordable housing lotteries that are ending soon. If you know of an event we should include in next week’s calendar, email To get more resources like this as well as our latest reporting on local housing issues, sign up for City Limits’ Mapping the Future newsletter here.Upcoming Housing and Land Use-Related Events:

Thursday, March 9 at 10:30 a.m.: The NYC Council’s land use committee will hold a hearing on the city budget. More here.

At Overdue Hearing, Advocates Push NYC to Fulfill Promise of Housing Court Help for Low-Income Tenants

The city’s landmark Right to Counsel law was the country’s first to guarantee legal representation in housing court to low-income tenants most at risk for eviction. But advocates and providers say it’s been undermined in recent months as the courts schedule eviction cases faster than there are available housing attorneys to take them. “When the law was first passed, it worked,” Ruth Riddick, a Flatbush tenant, testified Friday at a city hearing on the initiative.

Edificios de oficinas podrían eludir mejoras energéticas gracias a ‘vacío enorme’ en ley ambiental de Nueva York, advierten los ambientalistas

La Ley Municipal 97 promete reducir las emisiones de carbono y crear una ciudad más eficiente desde el punto de vista energético. Pero los ambientalistas advierten que la normativa actual deja un vacío legal que permite a los propietarios, sobre todo a los de oficinas, saltarse el cumplimiento de la ley.