Programa de cuidado infantil finaliza en junio y los padres solicitantes de asilo se preocupan por sus planes para el verano

El programa “Promise NYC” tiene la intención de ayudar a las familias inmigrantes cuyo estatus migratorio las hace inelegibles para otra asistencia de cuidado infantil financiada por el gobierno federal. Pero el programa que ofreció cuidado subsidiado para 600 niños está programado para terminar en junio. “La verdad no sé qué voy a hacer”, dijo una madre soltera con un hijo de 7 meses que hace parte del programa.

Opinion: Unseal New York City’s ‘Black Box’ of School Curriculum Data

“Unlike other data that reveals key insight on educational improvement—such as student attendance, academic performance, class size and the credentials of teachers and leaders—what curricula is being used in city schools is often unknown, in effect a black box. This makes it difficult to learn or study how curriculum choices and professional learning impact children’s learning.”

With City Child Care Program to End in June, Asylum-Seeking Parents Worry Over Plans for Summer

Promise NYC was intended to help asylum-seeker families whose immigration status makes them ineligible for other, federally-funded child care assistance. But the program, which offered subsidized care for 600 children, is only slated to continue for the remainder of the school year. “I really don’t know what I’m going to do,” said one participant with a 7-month-old son.