NYC’s Schools Funding Formula Should Consider Homeless Students, Advocates Say

The Fair Student Funding Formula, used to distribute the majority of New York City’s education budget to each of its 1,600 public schools, has been criticized for failing to provide enough funds to students who need it most, including those in temporary housing and in the foster care system. A working group has until the end of October to recommend changes.

Should New York High Schools Be Required to Teach Financial Literacy?

A bill that would require high school students across the state to take a personal finance course has been introduced a number of times in the Albany legislature dating back to 2009, but has yet to pass. “This is something that every kid kind of needs to do, and we are kind of thrown into doing it on our own time, without any guidance,” said Anisha Singhal, a senior at Stuyvesant High School who’s pushing more schools to teach financial skills.

Ciudad de Nueva York ampliará el apoyo a los estudiantes que aprenden inglés en escuelas de transferencia

El Departamento de Educación comenzará un programa para ampliar el tipo de ayuda que reciben los estudiantes de de hogares no angloparlantes que están aprendiendo inglés (English Language Learners o ELL por sus siglas en inglés) en las escuelas de transferencia existentes, que atienden a los estudiantes que están atrasados en los cursos o necesitan un apoyo adicional para el aprendizaje.