With SWEAT, Labor Advocates Renew Push For Anti-Wage Theft Legislation

Seven workers’ organizations have compiled a database on wage theft during the pandemic totaling $130.5 million owed to workers. The preliminary data from just seven groups dwarfs the nearly $3 million Gov. Kathy Hochul boasted of the state having recovered for workers last year. A preliminary version of this data has been shared with City Limits.

¿Cómo se organizó la primera asociación de vendedores ambulantes en la plaza Corona?

En 2021 el Concejo de la Ciudad aprobó una ley que debía ampliar el número de permisos a vendedores, pero un retraso de más de seis meses del Departamento de Salud e Higiene Mental no ha permitido que se asignen estos permisos prometidos. Poco después del retraso administrativo, un grupo de vendedores ambulantes formó la primera Asociación de Vendedores Ambulantes en la plaza Corona, en Queens, Nueva York.

A view of the Manhattan skyline and the East River.

Opinion: City’s New Rules on Short Term Rentals Will Hurt Small Homeowners

“Undermining the ability of individual homeowners to rent property based on their needs is an imbalanced infringement upon owners’ rights, discourages home ownership, and represents a slippery slope towards government overreach. Prohibiting short term rentals would severely impact homeowners’ ability to meet financial obligations and continue to live in the city.”

NYCHA Blames Dreary Financial Outlook on $454 Million in Unpaid Pandemic Rent

More than 73,000 NYCHA households are behind on rent, what officials say will force the public housing authority to draw from operating reserves and make other cuts in the year ahead—and could potentially hamper its repair plans. Meanwhile, the state’s already-exhausted Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP) to aid New Yorkers in rent arrears is unlikely to reach NYCHA.