City Limits’ Mission and History

City Limits uses investigative journalism through the prism of New York City to identify urban problems, examine their causes, explore solutions, and equip communities to take action.

Founded in 1976 in the midst of New York’s fiscal crisis, City Limits exists to inform democracy and empower citizens to create a more just city. City Limits is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit funded by foundation support, ad sponsorship and donations from readers.

City Limits’ Standards and Practices

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Our Impact

Over the years, City Limits has exposed dozens of issues and elevated hundreds of voices. Here are just a few examples of areas where we’ve made a difference:

•We were the first news organization to comprehensively investigate the flaws in New York’s use of financial bail, and our reporting informed work by human-rights organizations that in turn spurred action by the state court system.

•Our reporting on the mayor’s affordable housing plan and the concerns about low-income renters and non-profit builders being excluded prodded the discussion that led to changes in the city’s approach in 2016.

•Our 2010 investigation of one of the convictions related to the Brian Watkins murder led to that defendant, Johnny Hincapie, being released from prison after 25 years after his case was reopened.

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City Limits Staff

David Brand
Deputy Editor

Liz Donovan
Reporter and RFA Corps Member, Climate, Health and Environment

Jeanmarie Evelly
Executive Editor

Jennifer Hendricks
Development Manager

Marjorie Martay
Executive Director

Jarrett Murphy
Contributing Editor

Daniel Parra
Spanish-Language Reporter/Editor

Adi Talwar
Contributing Photographer

Mariam Hydara
Editorial Intern

City Limits Board

Martha Nelson, chairwoman
Former SVP and Editor-in-Chief of Yahoo! and former Editor-in-Chief of Time Inc.

Andrew Breslau, vice chairman
Senior Vice President for Communications and Marketing, Downtown Alliance

Mark Edmiston, treasurer
Managing Partner, Civil Management LLC

Erica Gonzalez
Deputy Director, Power4PuertoRico

Lynda Hamilton
Operations Manager, LIATI Group, LLC

David R. Jones
President, Community Service Society

Edward Lewis
Magazine publisher and entrepreneur

Erik Spooner
Marketing Creative Director, Quad

City Limits Awards

2021 Silurian Press Club Excellence in Journalism Awards
Merit Prize for Feature Reporting for the story, “Pandemic Worsens Hard Road to Housing for Homeless New Yorkers with Health Needs,” by David Brand

2020 Clarion Awards (Association for Women in Communications)
Online Journalism: Special News Section winner for The Ride: City Limits’ Transit Coverage by Jeanmarie Evelly

2019 Clarion Awards (Association for Women in Communications)
Online Journalism: Special Feature Section winner for the series, “Can Buses Be Better?” by Jeanmarie Evelly and Angely Mercado

2018 Ippies
–1st place, Best Story About a Community (Abigail Savitch-Lew for “13 Years After Blocking New Development, Staten Island Hopes to Welcome Just Enough of It”)
–3rd place, Best Photograph (Adi Talwar for “NoBackspace: Vision Zero Works When Victim-Blaming Stops and Accountability Starts”)
–3rd place, Best Social Issues Story (David Brand for “NYC’s Cultural Plan Spurs Disabled Artists in Fight for Roles and Respect”)

2018 New York Press Club Journalism Awards
Best Feature-Internet: “NYCHA Crime Witnesses Face Obstacles When They Seek Safety” by Ese Olumhense (produced in partnership with The Investigative Fund)
Best Political Coverage-Internet: “Election 2017” by editor Jarett Murphy, photographer Adi Talwar, then-staff writer Abigail Savitch-Lew and contributors Kizzy Cox, Jonathan Gomez and Elizabeth Michaelson Monaghan.

2018 Silurian Medals
Science/Health: “Death Disparities” by Ruth Ford with Jananki Chadha and photographer Adi Talwar

2017 Ippies
Best Multimedia Package: First Place, “Cleaner Creeks and Bays, But How Will New Yorkers Access the Waters They Own?” by Adi Talwar and Guglielmo Mattioli

2017 Ippies
Best Social Issues Story: Second Place, “Do NYC’s Middle-Class Families Really Need Affordable Housing?” by Abigail Savitch-Lew

2016 Clarion Award
Online Journalism-Special Feature Section: On the Border of Justice

2016 National Headliner Awards (with WNYC)
2nd place, radio: The Cost of Our Water

2016 Society of the Siluruans Award
Environmental reporting: Green Jobs Gone Missing

2016 New York Press Club Award
Continuing coverage

2016 New York Press Club Award
Nellie Bly Cub Reporter Award: Ben Hattem

2016 Ippie Award
Best Social Issues Story: Linden Plaza’s Saga by Abigail Savitch Lew

2016 Ippie Award
Best Photograph: Adi Talwar

2014 Ippie Award
Best Social Issues Story, 1st Place
The Center for Community and Ethnic Media at that CUNY Graduate School of Journalism

2013 Silurian Society Award
Best News Commentary
The Society of Silurians

2013 Ippie Award
Best Story on an Immigrant Community, 3rd Place
Best Story on a Social Issue, 3rd Place
The Center for Community and Ethnic Media at that CUNY Graduate School of Journalism

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