Opinion: City’s Homeless Count Misses a Critical Population—Unhoused New Yorkers in Hospitals

“The city’s annual census–known as the Homeless Outreach Population Estimate (HOPE)–has served as a tool for measuring our progress toward ending street homelessness. However, HOPE misses a critical component of NYC’s ecosystem: hospitals. By ignoring this population segment, the city underestimates the true number of unhoused individuals.”

¿Cómo se organizó la primera asociación de vendedores ambulantes en la plaza Corona?

En 2021 el Concejo de la Ciudad aprobó una ley que debía ampliar el número de permisos a vendedores, pero un retraso de más de seis meses del Departamento de Salud e Higiene Mental no ha permitido que se asignen estos permisos prometidos. Poco después del retraso administrativo, un grupo de vendedores ambulantes formó la primera Asociación de Vendedores Ambulantes en la plaza Corona, en Queens, Nueva York.

Hochul’s ‘Cap-and-Invest’ Climate Plan Stirs Skepticism From Environmentalists & Polluters Alike

The program will charge companies for carbon pollution and introduce a novel rebate initiative that promises to distribute $1 billion to New Yorkers. But environmentalists say its success will rest on how exactly the state designs the program, to ensure it doesn’t allow companies to essentially pay to pollute without meaningfully lowering emissions.