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While migrants can receive mail at the city’s shelters, many have struggled to track down important correspondence, according to legal service providers and advocates—especially after the city restricted the length of stays for both adults and families with children.


Special Projects

City on the Edge: Climate Change and New York

“The state is twisting itself into legal pretzels to deny the Green Amendment’s ability to check government action that may be legally responsible for the violations of the environmental rights of New Yorkers.”

Una Ciudad sin Límites

En el pasado, para obtener la residencia permanente para cónyuges indocumentados de ciudadanos estadounidenses, en casi todos los casos la persona que había migrado al país debía regresar a su país de origen y esperar a ser procesada en el extranjero para solicitar la residencia.

City Within a City: Covering NYCHA

For the third time, NYCHA residents are voting on which funding model they believe best meets the needs for their complex. Residents at Coney Island Houses and Unity Towers can cast their votes starting Wednesday through Aug. 15.

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