Opinion: Brooklyn Reproductive Health Centers at Risk in Still-Negotiated State Budget

‘Our work here reduces healthcare disparities by providing care to under-resourced communities, but our centers can only operate if we receive necessary funding. As our city continues to confront issues of racism in health care and other aspects of our lives, a pandemic budget cut will cause irreparable harm to those who need the most help.’

Opinion: In Plan to Close Rikers, Community Reinvestment is Key to Repairing Harms of Incarceration

‘For decades, criminalized communities have been calling on elected leaders to fund our schools, our parks, our hospitals, our community centers, our access to stable homes and more.’

Adi TalwarThe view of Rikers from the Bronx

This week, after a year-long delay, a commission to make recommendations on reinvestment in communities impacted by Rikers Island will convene for its first meeting. The work of this commission is essential and long overdue. Mass incarceration will not end in New York City without mass investments into impacted communities. This is where social justice and economic justice intersect. Directly impacted people identified this decades ago in order to tackle the root causes of incarceration.Between 1979 and 1980, incarcerated men at Green Haven Correctional Facility conducted research that came to be known as the Seven Neighborhood Study.