City Limits’ Content Sharing Policy

Our mission is to create a more just democracy by giving citizens the information they need to make smart, empowered decisions about the city’s most pressing social issues. Therefore we share our content, with the following guidelines:

You can link to our relevant articles from your website, blog or newsletter. Please include the name of the source (City Limits) when linking back to our website for the rest of the article.

When republishing a portion of the article (or a summary):

  • You can only copy up to one paragraph of the article before linking back to
  • Please publish the author’s name using the following format as an example: by Abigail Savitch-Lew, City Limits. Please also link back to our home page, in the credit line.
  • Under the article, include the following attribution to City Limits in italics: “this article was reposted from City Limits, an independent online news source.”
  • Please only edit our story to reflect references to time (e.g. “today” to “yesterday”), location (e.g. “New York” to “here”) or editorial style.
  • If you publish our story online, please include all of the story’s links.
  • City Limits is not responsible for content found on blogs, platforms, or websites that reblog or repost our articles. City Limits does not endorse blogs, websites, bloggers, journalists, or writers who reblog or repost works available on City Limits. City Limits does not compensate bloggers, journalists, or writers who reblog or repost works by City Limits. City Limits is not responsible for any mistranslations of City Limits content.
  • Please email City Limits when linking to a story. We like to stay informed of who are content sharing partners are.