With New York’s Hectic Petitioning Season in Overdrive, is There a Better Way to Get on the Ballot?

New York’s procedure for candidates to get their names on the election ballot is one of the more onerous in the country, critics say. Candidates running for office this summer told City Limits that while they enjoyed hitting the streets to speak with voters, they likewise described the petitioning process as “archaic,” “exhausting,” “grueling” and a “burden.”

Junta de directrices sobre alquileres de la ciudad de Nueva York vota por un aumento del 2 al 4% para las unidades con renta estabilizada. ¿Y ahora qué?

Los aumentos de las tarifas para el millón de apartamentos con renta estabilizada de la ciudad son menos de lo que los propietarios han exigido, citando el incremento de los costos. Pero inquilinos y defensores de vivienda que piden que se congelen los alquileres dicen que la subida de la renta empeorará la crisis de desahucios de la ciudad.

‘Bill of Rights’ Law for NYC Supportive Housing Tenants Went Into Effect Last Week, But Word Isn’t Getting Out

While the city’s Department of Health and Mental Hygiene is notifying city-contracted supportive housing providers of their requirements under the new law, the same isn’t happening for those contracted primarily through the state, despite the fact that the bill specified it would apply to “every provider” in the city.