6 thoughts on “CityViews: Is it Time for a Housing Plan Reset?

  1. Surprise, surprise. Not-for-profit housing developer (who still pulls a healthy salary), upset that the city is bypassing him to provide many more, and more deeply affordable units than Banana Kelly could, writes a piece whose conclusion is: “Hey, the city should give *us* that money.”

    Not to mention that this piece is riddled with factual inaccuracies and a willfully misleading mixing-and-matching of figures on affordability. It’s unfortunate that Mr. DeRienzo has turned Banana Kelly into a tool for retribution of his wounded pride. He’s now doing more to stand in the way of affordability in his community than to promote it.

    Not to mention how disheartening it is to see a culture of alternative facts corrupting a group that was once a beacon of reason and hope in the Bronx.

    • You stated that Mr. DeRienzo’s numbers are all wrong. Will you provide an example of your claim?
      As a new resident of a Bronx community, I’ve watched the relentless and noteworthy efforts of Both Banana Kelly and its president, Mr. DeRienzo’s in and around the Bronx and the person you are describing is not the Harry DeRienzo I met and have come to respect because of what he has done in the community. If you want to talk about anyone standing in the way of affordability in the community, might I suggest you look to the councilman with the highest number of homeless shelters and cluster sites in his district and will do nothing about it? Start there and then decide for yourself if the blame truly rests in the lap of Mr. DeRienzo.
      If anything is “riddled with factual inaccuracies and a willfully misleading mixing-and-matching of figures on affordability” talk to the mayor. He’s becoming quite the expert at misleading the people especially the residents of the Bronx.

  2. We have to reset this plan. Because in whole this plan helps the greedy developer and corrupt politisians nota the poor people look at. Williamsburg bushwick and bedstuy people of color get. Hurt. In this plan and the middle class they get. Priced out coalición of the rockaways bruce Jacob chairman

  3. I appreciate Harry DeRienzo’s remarks and the work Banana Kelly has accomplished over the decades for the low income households of the Bronx, and New York City. It simply is remarkable as it can not be discounted, nor disputed. The RPA Report helps to dispel CPC’ notion that the risk for displacement is not a factor in the Mayor’s Plan. That is malarkie. We have witnessed this displacement since the 2003 Rezoning of East Harlem; and again, RPA also honestly reported that in their “Report on East Harlem”. And yet, CPC does not admit to this nor do they include this factor into their required Environmental Impact Statements. Where would our communities be without Harry DeRienzo and RPA? Who else can we depend on to dispute the ludicrous claims of the Mayor’s Housing Proposal providing “affordable housing”, or CPC claiming that rezoning will not accelerate gentrification, nor NYC HPD stance complimented by NYC EDC’s position that displacement is not a significant factor within the Mayor’s targeted neighborhoods for Rezoning. I seriously doubt everything now being said from City Hall and the current administration and agency heads geared towards the economic removal of NYC’s poor. It simply is not right, and it is an injustice. Thank goodness for Harry DeRienzo- he has merit! Who else can we turn to for “real” affordable housing?

  4. Some good facts here that scratch the surface.

    The numbers game is a ruse. The luxury developers make off with profits, city and state tax credits and low cost loans, and the ability to build off site, eliminating the need for “poor doors” and having legal “poor” buildings. Rebny supported his Mih plan, does that not say it all?
    And his latest scam for numbers is an attack on the Hdfc program enmasse to claim credit and add numbers for preserving units. Where are the buildings being demolitions with hundreds of units fit into the mayors fake numbers. A grandstanding shill of the real estate industry if you ask me. only a few left, and those are on the payroll directly or getting contracts, no one else is with him anymore, and sadly he might win with the lowest rate of electoral participation ever, as long as trump serves as a convenient foil for his bombast and the local media mostly tout whatever his spin gang spin with only the rare non vague critiques or real reporting.

  5. Do I support not-for-profit development? Absolutely. Do I believe that profit has no role in affordable housing? Absolutely not. There are some not-for-profit community development corporations that have substantial capacity. But many, including Banana Kelly, have relied on for-profit partners in the past to develop difficult projects. There is a place to make a reasonable profit in development for these entities. There is a role in construction and, in many cases, property management as well. Where I have a problem is with ultimate ownership. If the public sector is investing resources in affordable housing, then the ultimate owners of those housing projects should either be the public or mission-based public charities. We made this mistake with Mitchel Lama housing, and we are now making the same mistake with affordable housing being created under successive 10-year housing plans. Affordable housing created with public support should not be owned by for-profit companies, but either preserved as public housing or controlled by mission based, not-for-profit, community development corporations.

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