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According to CFB records, $2,000 in candidate spending so far in the 2017 race went to addresses in North Dakota.

When reporters and good-government types talk campaign finance, they typically discuss the contributions that fund campaigns, and the impact those donations might have. But campaigns spend money as well as raise it, and that spending has an impact, too. Indeed, politicians who talk about creating jobs might not be able to deliver them for most people but almost all campaigns do create jobs–or at least work–for consultants, fundraisers, doughnut stores and the other mainstays of the modern political campaign.

The candidates for mayor, public advocate, comptroller, borough president and Council have so far in the 2017 election cycle spent nearly $47 million, according to the records of the Campaign Finance Board. About 70 percent of that money went to people and firms based in New York State. A few hundred bucks made it to firms based in Australia and Israel. Almost half the spending in New York state went to just 10 ZIP codes.

Here’s a look at where New York’s campaign money has been spent so far in 2017:

The Top 10 ZIP Codes
ZIP code Spending
11231 $5,089,258
11201 $3,251,659
10038 $1,951,722
10016 $1,266,316
10014 $925,902
10034 $732,007
10003 $579,493
10004 $519,772
11238 $496,145
10013 $481,695

If you want to see the full breakdown by ZIP code, click here. About $85,000 in expenses within New York State had no ZIP code listed.

Campaign Spending by State
State Spending
New York $33,463,357
Illinois $4,409,711
Pennsylvania $1,720,969
Washington, D.C. $1,600,740
New Jersey $973,773
California $741,194
Texas $560,304
Minnesota $293,061
Florida $277,111
Connecticut $267,957
Virginia $262,327
Iowa $196,782
Massachusetts $187,494
Louisiana $103,964
North Carolina $102,918
Colorado $72,300
Arizona $64,307
Georgia $50,203
Washington $48,304
Maryland $19,519
Ohio $18,346
Wisconsin $18,054
South Carolina $15,326
New Hampshire $14,933
Arkansas $14,051
Puerto Rico $12,744
Utah $11,789
Maine $10,498
Michigan $8,900
Vermont $8,199
Tennessee $5,740
Kentucky $3,404
Nebraska $3,315
Missouri $2,671
Nevada $2,039
North Dakota $2,000
Oklahoma $1,556
Idaho $1,500
Delaware $956
South Dakota $349
Rhode Island $339
Oregon $193
Alabama $125
New Mexico $41

About $1.4 million in campaign spending had no state listed.

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