Housing Update: Funding for Land Trusts, NYCHA’s New Chair, 125th St. Building Boom

Community land trusts will receive a boost of $750,000 to go towards technical assistance, educational outreach, and organizing that must occur before acquiring property, Curbed reports. Read more about the new funding here. The New York City Housing Authority has named a new chair. Gregory Russ, the current head of the Minneapolis public housing system and former head of Cambridge public housing, has experience of turning housing over to private operators, the Post reports. He will be paid handsomely, the City reports.

NYCHA's LaGuardia Houses

What is RAD, and What Does it Mean for the Future of NYCHA?

The city is moving forward with a plan to transfer 62,000 units to Section 8 housing vouchers under the federal Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) program but the program has raised numerous concerns. A panel Wednesday brought together advocates, tenant leaders and policy experts to discuss some of them.