2 thoughts on “Rent Calculation Problems Dog Many NYCHA Tenants

  1. It’s an accounting error. This is not a pity case. Millions of poor people pay market rates and would love to have the subsidized nycha apartment even with this accounting error. Let’s stop the sob stories for public housing residents, they’re getting an awesome freebie compared to everyone else. Go live in the real market rate world for a while to see how rough life is.

    • Yes, the fair thing is to overcharge all poor people just because we overcharge so many of them.

      Actually, no. That makes no sense at all.

      Public housing is not a freebie. 12 percent of its apartments rent for $900 a month or more. 16,000 of their units rent for more than $1000 a month. Why is expecting government competence a “sob story” only when it comes to low-income people?

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