4 thoughts on “Hundreds of NYCHA Evictions Raise Questions About Process

  1. Every family faces eviction when they can’t keep up with rent. Every tenant in nyc has to deal with heat, water, electric issues in their building. Why is it that only nycha tenants are treated like special snowflakes in these articles? They’ve already gotten a huge break courtesy of the tax payers while everyone else struggles on their own.

    • “They’ve already gotten a huge break courtesy of the tax payers while everyone else struggles on their own.”
      people pay rent to live in some pretty harsh conditions.

  2. As a former NYCHA Housing Assistant and Assistant Manager assigned to
    developments, I would like to add that the process that leads to eviction consumes a significant amount of staff time. If the Rent Collection and Legal
    procedures were made public, you would see that staff must prepare and mail
    notices of nonpayment, make sure dispossessed are sent to the City Marshal for service (with proper signatures), prepare eviction forms, obtain authorization from other offices, appear in Housing Court, monitor compliance with court stipulations, prepare affidavits of noncompliance, restore cases to the court calendar, and schedule evictions.
    Staff must also keep up to date logs of these actions. As well as telephone delinquent tenants at home and at work, and knock on doors.
    Pressure is placed on staff to have low delinquency rates. And keep up to date with the steps in the process. High rates can result in disciplinary action.
    Also, it should be pointed out that NYCHA pays City Marshals large sums of money to serve legal papers on tenants. There is a set payment schedule for each paper served.
    Frankly, I feel that everything cited above should privatized. It would free
    staff to focus on other management tasks.

  3. I am disabled amd low-income. After 8 years of waiting, I finally received a Housing Choice Voucher.
    I treat that voucher like gold, and do everything in my power to prevent it from ever being withdrawn. I pay my rent on time, keep my apartment spotless and am a quiet, respectful neighbor.
    Housing vouchers are a privilege, not a right. Legally, a tenant cannot withhold rent, regardless of the condition of the rental unit. So the landlord keeps getting paid, in spite of the fact that the rental is substandard. There’s not much motivqtion for landlords to keep a property up to code, because with millions of people waiting for a voucher, they will literally never NOT have the place rented.
    I am shocked and horrified by the number of slum lords who make shady deals and routinely neglect to keep their properties safe and clean. Threat of eviction is the perfect bartering tool to keep an already marginilized tenant in line. Tenants are scared to make a fuss, because they can be easily replaced. Landlords can legally do what’s called a, “Recission of Lease,” which basically evicts the tenant under the guise that the landlord/tenant couldn’t get along.
    I looked at and lived in absolute horror shows of rentals before I finally found one in a respectable neighborhood.

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