4 thoughts on “New MTA Plan to Put Disabled Riders in Taxis is Off to a Rocky Start, Users Say

  1. What you call “advance e-hail” was actually the “on-demand e-hail” pilot program which the handful of people who got it were overwhelmingly pleased with. Very different from the advance request e-hail, which also uses green and yellow taxis but must be requested the previous day before 5 p.m. Like regular Access a Ride, this leaves no allowance for changes after 5 p.m. other than cancellations.

  2. “E-heil” was good when it started. Now that it changed, its hard to get one. I go to dialysis 3x a week and learned to give myself an extra hour & half for pickup. But on the return trip. its a whole different matter. I may be held up in the chair for an extra 5 or 10 min because my bp is too low or they are trying to stop the bleeding. Some or most of the drivers won’t wait. So now I would have to wait to get picked up again. As far as I know, I am not the only one wanting to get home after dialysis to lay down.

  3. I prefer E hail. I have a 2 hour trip scheduled today from the Bronx to Brooklyn. This trip has me taking the blue and white which is a killer on my back and also they’ll be making stops to pick up other people.
    With the cab service I schedule half hour earlier than appt and ask the assistant at the clinic how long should I set the return trip b/c she knows what happens when you miss your pick up and have to wait 45 minutes to call back and get a new trip.
    Today I’m taking the train if I can’t get a cab despite the pain I’m. The train is smoother than the bus.

  4. I have spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease and fibromyalgia. I really hate it when I’m picked up by the AAR buses only because I feel every bump and hole that are on and in the streets, Expressways. The buses have no shocks seem like. By the time I make to my destination I am in even more pain and have to take more of my medications. I prefer the car but when I presented this matter to AAR I was told that I could not have that request accommodated. Smh. I just have to deal with the added pain given to me.

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