4 thoughts on “Access-A-Ride or ‘Stress-A-Ride?’ MTA Service Needs Overhaul, Users Say

  1. On the trip in the photograph, the Access-A-Ride van did not have the required securement for my wheelchair, so the on-site supervisor had to try to get them from other vans at our location.

    Of course complaint percentages are low. Why should we keep on wasting our time to complain when nothing changes? Our problems happen with the trip and we’re on our own then.

  2. If they are very late, you can get approval to take a cab home and send the receipt to AAR. But… even though you had to wait sometimes more than an hour, they refund you the cab fare minus their fare! How do drivers who don’t or barely speak English get drivers licenses! They have the GPS set to their language and if you tell them they’re taking the long way, they don’t answer you.

  3. On Friday September 14, on three attempts I finally was able to get someone who new how to sign my son and I up for a group trip. On Friday evening I received a call confirming trip. Trip included myself: Dolores Biggs- 15972, and Kenneth Greene-159869. There were two aides, and two wheel chairs. So Saturday morning two vans arrived. puzzled we boarded van seperately. when we arrived at destination, i exited van and waited for son to exit. So what happened Lift malfunctioned, trapping back wheel. So had to wait for people to come get him off. when they got him down the neck part of chair that supports his neck was broken. This is a brand new power chair. coming home they sent two vans. both vans had my name. Since already loaded I stayed on van, we picked up someone else, and I wound up in City Island. My deepest concern now is having his wheel chair repaired

  4. I’ve only been using Access-A-Ride for a few months now, but I must admit the service is horrible. I’ve read other people’s complaints and they’re legit.
    For me, and my wife (who is my Personal Care Attendant) it’s been difficult. We live way out on Staten Island near the Outer Bridge Crossing, in Charleston, and one ride to the Metropolitan Museum of Art was over 3 hours. We were first to get picked up and last to get dropped off. We picked up one customer on the North Shore of S.I., then another person in South Beach. Both customers were taken to parts of South Brooklyn, one near Ocean Parkway, and the other close to Marine Park! Then finally, we were driven to Central Park East. That’s just crazy. But that’s not all. What was worse was our last experience in October.
    We got picked up at home in Charleston Staten Island, headed for East 41st street between 1st and 2nd Ave. Manhattan. The driver was instructed to pick up another customer at Howard Ave. and Ralph Ave. Brooklyn, then take us to Manhattan, probably prepared to drop them off first on East 17th street their destination. We were frustrated. I asked the driver to leave us on Flabush Ave. amd Atlantic Ave. by the Barclay Center near the Subway Station. It was better for us to just get out of the Bus and take the train which left us a couple of blocks away from our destination.
    I mean, I wouldn’t expect someone who got picked up on Howard Ave. in Brooklyn, to have to take a ride to Charleston Staten Island before being dropped off in Manhattan. So why is it being done to us the other way around?
    You want to know why? Horrible Logistics, and terrible dispatching. That’s the problem. Just deplorable arrangements by whoever is setting up the bookings.
    I’ve only used Access-A-Ride a half a dozen times maybe, and the other occasions were less than admirable, and those were local 2 mile trips.
    In order for things to shape up for us a new method of arranging rides needs to be implemented with excellent dispatchers who focus on their zones or neighborhoods. Fixing and arranging rides for their customers in their zones/ neighborhoods. The dispatchers need to coordinate with each other when buses/drivers overlap into their zone. Finally, a half dozen or more “Editor Dispatchers,” need to Oversee the work of all of the Zone Dispatchers in order to make any necessary corrections before a problem arises. That’s it.
    I know this is Challenging, and will take time and patience, but I drove trucks and had a CDL License for 33 years. I also did some dispatching, and Route distribution coordinating for a major Milk Company. Things need to improve. The service is deplorable. Please make it happen. We are disabled, and Handicapped and we’re counting on this service to function properly. Thank you.

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