5 thoughts on “28 Years After ADA’s Passage, Subway Accessibility Still ‘Disgraceful,’ Experts Say

  1. The MTA is doing capital improvements on the 6th avenue F & M lines at 14th street and 23rd street, 6 train at 28th street. These stations are closed for 6 months and there are no plans to include elevators. I’m curious as to why this article didn’t cover this, especially, since the 23rd Street and 6th Avenue stop is literally down the block from Selis to Manor. A building for blind, visually impaired, and wheelchair user folks.

    • The 14th st 6th Ave station is now scheduled for an elevator due to recent successful lawsuit about ADA violations. Important point you raised about Selis Manor, 23rd St, a facility for people with vision impairments. People have to speak up at monthly public MTA hearings. Byford attends them

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