3 thoughts on “A New Year’s Update on the de Blasio Rezonings

  1. Your article about Downtown Far Rockaway is made up out of whole cloth.

    The rezoning area contains no “abandoned” area. It includes the only sizeable parking area in the Far Rockaway business district. And anyone who has two cents to spend drives from Bayswater, Reads Lane, or “West Lawrence.” The Economic Development Corporation told the community that roughly half of the apartments would be market rate, but once they got the area rezoned, they now says “just kidding” all of the apartments will be below market rate.

    Will these below market rate tenants have the income needed to revitalize the shopping district?

    And, if they do have the income, why would anyone suppose that they will shop in Far Rockaway when no one else in the area does? Why would market rate tenants in downtown not do what virtually all other market rate people in the area do and shop in the Five Towns of Nassau County?

    Even more absurd, in an area where the typical family has 2+ cars, the new buildings will only have 0.85 or fewer parking spaces per apartment. The end result will be that there will be even fewer parking spaces available for shoppers.

    Finally, the city supposes that shoppers will pay for underground parking where (1) safety is an issue and the police say that their cars are not safe in the city lot (that will be sold) and (2) there is free or low cost parking in the Five Towns. And Lawrence and Cedarhurst parking courts are nothing like the NYC Parking Violations Bureau.

    The $288 million dollars committed to this project could have done much more for the Rockaway community and Queens if Mayor de Blasio had used it to reactivate the old Rockaway Beach Branch of the LIRR as a subway link. It would reduce travel time to midtown Manhattan from 1.5+ hours to under an hour. And it would provide a half hour trip from JFK or the Resorts World casino to midtown. See http://www.QueensRail.org for more information on the better way to spend the money.

    But the EDC’s plans are not about helping people.

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