9 thoughts on “With New Commitments and Investments, Far Rockaway Rezoning Moves Towards Approval

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  2. What about a hospital to take of the sick and elderly. Far rockaway only have one hospital and that’s not enough to take care of the population p

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  4. The EDC and Councilman Richards PROMISSED to limit the “affordable housing” to secure approval by the Community Board, Borough President, and City Planning Commission. According to this story, THEY LIED.

    This plan, if it goes through, will completely destroy the Far Rockaway community. Far Rockaway has far more than its share of subsidized hosuing. It needs people with disposable income to shop in town, stores that want us to come, and places where we can park.

    • You’re living in a fantasy world if you believe that people with disposable income are coming to Far Rock to spend money. The community can’t even support a fast food chain let alone stores that would attract upper middle class house wives from Brooklyn and Long Island. The city is doing what it has to do to house poor people and to keep Far Rock from turning into the plot of Mad Max. The net positive is that all the compounded welfare income and food stamps will keep businesses alive and the surrounding middle class will thrive in the long run.

  5. Keep hope alive. This can work if we look beyond the negative views. This area of queens can be developed and it can make sense. We don’t need low income homes all over rockaway. But we can benefit from businesses shopping areas, restaurants parks, schools and a safe community. Get the knuckle heads out and bring in the new money people who care about community and family.

  6. To have a healthy, agile, vibrant and striving community – You need a to attract a strong middle class as a base and a mixture or wealthy and low income. For many years I have been hoping and dreaming of such a community here. Good schools, library, restaurants, health care and vital businesses that make us all proud. I am hoping this is the ultimate goal we are aiming for, not a dumping place for the poor – more projects to group them all in one community.

  7. sorry jackie if u wanted to stop the dumping of the poor in far rockaway, u must travel back to the seventies. that is when the city threw away the rockaways

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