Courtesy of Anand Bista

Adams, wearing a traditional Nepalese cap, was endorsed by members of the Queens Nepali community at a fundraising event earlier this month.

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Translated and condensed by Anuz Thapa

Members of the city’s Nepalese community are supporting Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams to be the city’s next mayor. Adams is seeking the Democratic nomination for the 2021 Mayoral race.

The endorsement took place at a fundraising event in Woodside, Queens on July 9, held at community activist Anand Bista’s residence, as limited people are allowed to gather in the city due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. 

“I am really happy to be here,” Adams said at the event, where he put on a Nepali cap, also known as Dhaka topi. “I will do my best to serve the Nepalese community.” 

Bista said that President Adams has been active in helping Nepalese living in the city during this pandemic, providing supplies like mask, gloves and other essentials when the pandemic was at its peak in March and April. 

“Adams is friendly and easily accessible,” Bista said. “This is one of the reasons why we endorsed him.”Adams—who is running against fellow mayoral candidates including Comptroller Scott Stringer, City Council Speaker Corey Johnson, former city housing commissioner Shaun Donovan and nonprofit leader Dianne Morales—leads the race in terms of fundraising so far, with $2.2 million in his campaign coffers, City Limits reported earlier this month.

One thought on “Nepalese in Queens Endorse Eric Adams for City’s Next Mayor

  1. There are Nepalese American Democratic voters in Queens and they are going to vote for Brooklyn’s Eric Adams.

    Then I guess it’s all over.

    I hope everyone, non-Nepalese Americans too, remembers there is a small election this November and Joe Biden is the candidate to vote for first.

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