3 thoughts on “Councilmember & Taxi Drivers Call for Bailout, Citing City’s Role in Crisis

    • I always take taxis (yellow or green) rather than Uber or Lyft when I need to and my experience is that all are air conditioned and most are clean and in good condition.

  1. many thanks to CCMs Mark Levine and Carlina Rivera for coming to the defense if yellow cab drives..
    they deserve help from the city that tripled their business competition with Uber like black cars which fed the traffic congestion that led to new tax increase by state on yellow cab rides.
    there is nothing more convenient and iconic than a NYC yellow cab. older people like myself need quick accessible door to door service for medical visits, grocery shopping and visits. my son always offers to get me an Uber but i feel like i am getting on a horse to get in cause i use a cane.
    the taxi cab may be smaller and not as pretentious as black SUV and the driver
    may be eating a savory lunch but he/she is usually patient and almost always willing to join in interesting discussion of the pros and cons of foreign lands.

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