3 thoughts on “City Council Approves 1-Year Cap on New For-Hire Vehicles

  1. The only result of this legislation will be fewer transportation for outer-borough residents who need to travel to Manhattan or to the airports. Eastern Queens and Staten Island will be hurt the most by the Uber/Lyft caps.

  2. The for-hire vehicle companies spend more time recruiting drivers than they do advertising their services, leading me to suspect that the fees they collect from aspiring drivers is a big part of their income, and why they opposed these limits so angrily.
    When the transit-starved are unable to get a ride in a few minutes–keeping in mind that all these “deserts” are already well served by locally owned car service providers–I’ll rethink my support for this cap.

    • The locally owned car services have improved their fleets only because of Uber/Lyft. The locals don’t have the sophisticated apps that Uber/Lyft is using. A local car service will take me to Manhattan but then he is pretty much stuck with making the long trip back to SI empty whereas an Uber/Lyft vehicle can pick up some fares in the city.

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