Bronx News Roundup, April 19

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Weather: Temperatures in the low to mid 50s, with rain showers throughout most of the day.

Story Of The Day: Charter School Blues

The Daily News' Daniel Beekman takes us on the scene of a public lottery at the high-performing Bronx Charter School for Excellence, in Morris Park, where 1,635 hopeful parents were vying to get their kids into just 28 open kindergarten spots. The lottery determines who gets in and who goes home, a process (as chronicled in the much-talked about film “Waiting for Superman”) which means heartache for most of the families who apply.

“It's a crushing feeling,” one parent told the News. “You gamble with your kid's life and just hope you get picked.”

Bronx Charter boasts that 88 percent of its fifth-graders passed the state English exams last year-that's compared to the 41 percent average for public schools in Bronx's District 11.

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