Diaz, Jr. and Dinowitz Endorse Gustavo Rivera

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This morning, at a press conference at Bronx Borough Hall, Borough President Ruben Diaz, Jr. and Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinotwitz endorsed Gustavo Rivera, who's running against State Senator Pedro Espada, Jr.

In a statement released afterwards, Diaz said:

Not only is Mr. Rivera a smart candidate with real ideas for improving the lives of his future constituents in areas such as housing, healthcare and quality of life issues, he is a true Democrat who-unlike the unfortunate incumbent Pedro Espada-will not abandon the shared principles of both his party and the voters who sent him to Albany.

Added Dinowitz:

Sadly, Pedro Espada is the poster child for what's wrong with Albany. Whether it's his role in the Republican coup, his consistent flouting of campaign finance laws, or his use of his position to block passage of desperately-needed pro-tenant legislation, it's clear that we must make a change. I would go so far as to say that it's a moral imperative that Senator Espada be defeated. Fortunately, the voters have an excellent alternative: Gustavo Rivera.

Espada also picked up an endorsement or two today. More on that shortly.

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