In City’s Tent Shelter for Immigrants, Illness and Aging Pose Challenges

“It looks like a coughing choir in that tent,” said Luis Zambrano, 62, who came down with pneumonia this winter while staying at the shelter complex on Randall’s Island, where the city has been housing thousands of newly arrived immigrants. “The cold that passes through and under the cot doesn’t go away with several blankets, so you are always cold sleeping.”

Can Host-Home Programs Help Relieve NYC’s Housing Crisis?

As much of the country grapples with an affordable housing shortage, host-home and home sharing programs—which typically pair people who have a room to spare with those in need of a place to live—are a growing intervention. Supporters say the arrangement can be especially helpful in serving vulnerable populations, like homeless LGBTQIA+ youth or those on fixed-incomes. 

Preservation Trust signing

Bronx Seniors Will Be Next to Vote on NYCHA Preservation Trust

Bronx River Addition Houses, located in the Soundview neighborhood, consists of two senior buildings, including one where residents had to be temporarily relocated due to poor conditions. Tenants will be asked this spring to choose whether they want to remain in Section 9 or convert to one of two newer funding models.

Opinion: Addressing the Plight of New Yorkers Aging Behind Bars

“We witness firsthand the challenges that our older participants face when they come to us, usually because they no longer have family to turn to after such long periods of incarceration: physical health issues that might be less severe if treated properly sooner; unaddressed trauma, greatly exacerbated by incarceration; lack of financial resources; and homelessness.”

serviam gardens

Opinion: What Older New Yorkers Deserve In the Next Phase of the COVID-19 Pandemic

“We must ensure that New York City’s growing population of 1.25 million adults ages 65 and older can access high-quality services, resources, and opportunities that accommodate their needs and preferences, celebrate their strengths and resilience, and empower them to live in the communities they helped build and continue to make meaningful contributions to.”

Opinion: The New Administration Must Invest in Older New Yorkers—& The Nonprofits Serving Them

‘We implore the new administration to seriously consider the Human Services Council #JustPay campaign, and ensure that all New York City contracted employees, who on a daily basis perform critical lifesaving work, make a living wage.’

Adi TalwarA late October afternoon bingo game in progress at the PSS King Towers Senior Center in Harlem. Our new mayor, administration, and city council have taken office at a challenging time for New York City—but especially for our city’s seniors. The latest wave of COVID-19 has continued to affect older New Yorkers at a disproportionate rate, causing hospitalization and death in worst cases, and leading to continued social isolation for many others. When our new elected representatives talk about COVID recovery, it’s imperative that they prioritize the needs of older New Yorkers. At Encore Community Services, we see these needs up close and work daily to keep seniors healthy, safe, and connected to community.