¿Qué incluyen y qué no los presupuestos de Hochul y Adams para las comunidades inmigrantes en NY?

Defensores de inmigrantes están haciendo sonar la alarma por los presupuestos preliminares tanto de la gobernadora Hochul como del alcalde Adams ya que no solo dejan por fuera varios programas emblemáticos por los que han luchado en los últimos años los activistas, sino que también proponen reducciones en programas que imparten clases de inglés, educación y ciudadanía de los que dependen los inmigrantes neoyorquinos.

Residents Living Near Queens Waste Facilities Hope Legal Settlement Finally Clears the Air 

For two decades, residents in Jamaica’s Bricktown say they’ve had to contend with the stench and debris from unenclosed waste transfer facilities nearby. A settlement reached with the facilities’ operators last month could change that for the community, one of the three city neighborhoods most burdened by waste infrastructure.

Red Hook Houses

Wait Times for NYCHA Apartments Doubled Last Year, As Number of Vacant Units Climb

The length of time it takes NYCHA to rent out available apartments has climbed in recent years, one of many factors exacerbating the city’s affordable housing crisis, lawmakers say. “They just say it’s not ready,” said one resident currently living in a homeless shelter who has been waiting more than 10 months to move into the NYCHA unit she was approved for.

Buried Beneath: The Fight to Clean Up Toxic Brownfields in The Bronx

During the Fall 2022 semester, Lehman College journalism students conducted an investigation on the prevalence of toxic brownfield sites in The Bronx. Using public information, research into federal lobbying records and interviews with experts and residents, the student journalists set out to understand how this contamination happened and why progress towards remediation was so slow.