3 thoughts on “Ban of Repeat Offenders from Subway ‘Hugely Problematic,’ Advocates Say

  1. Why are you always so willing to do the city’s bidding? First, you justify racist rezoning policies and gentrification, and then only begin a serious analysis and critique AFTER they’re passed. Same with MTA’s insistence on adding more police and blaming fare-skippers to justify raising fares. Why don’t you try auditing their books? The MTA takes in billions from advertising each year. Where exactly is all that money going? Oh. Wait. That would be too much to ask of journalists.

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  3. I can hardly believe the foolish, uninspired decision to ban offenders (how?) then suggesting these guys won’t be able to get to work, etc. lazy thinking in action They have jobs? Stealing in the subway may be their choice of an occupation, What about researching other cities (and its a big world full of city subway systems) are doing then kindly copy their model. How were you thinking to impose a ban? Posters? A dark guy wearing a hoodie. That would not work. Ankle monitors that impose a shock when approaching a turnstile would work but I would not want to be witnessing this punishment on another. 27 arrests should have gotten that person some kind of behavior modification training don’t you think? Help is discussed but evidently not on the way. In the meantime 96th st station on the 1,2,3 line was hot enough to bale meringue (or more definitely, urine.) That in itself can make people mad. While you’re pondering how to stop repeat offenders without offending them could you get some big fans in down there for the summer? Thanks

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