3 thoughts on “City Says Bay Street Rezoning Could ‘Bring all the Pieces of the Puzzle Together’

  1. This rezoning makes no sense. Why upzone an area with no subway connection to Manhattan? All the other rezoned and proposed rezonings are in areas with subway connections. Adding ~6000 people to the SI Railway or the local buses makes no sense. The SI Railway is already packed with passengers from the east and south shores by the time it gets to Grasmere. The local buses aren’t much better. Debi Rose needs to be more involved in this matter.

  2. Debi Rose, where are you and why haven’t you stepped out in front of this issue?
    This is Planning Backwards “101”. Where are the supporting amenities for all these new residents coming from? Our schools are already over populated and inadequate. The roadways are small and insufficient for all of the current traffic and now we add this decision to the mix. Sanitation/Police/Medical/Fire Department Services ? Is anyone analyzing the adequacy in those areas? There is also a 160 bed Homeless Shelter being built on Victory Blvd and Bay Street. That plan was approved in the “middle of the night “ without consultation from residents. This plan is a Wolf dressed in Sheep’s clothing. Too many people in a small space leads to trouble. These decisions are made in a vacuum with no consideration for those who will affected. So let’s just put all of the Homeless and Lowest income residents within a few blocks of each other with no additional support. North Shore is the most diverse area in Staten Island and let’s keep the South Shore – pristine. Let the North Shore carry the brunt of all the problems. “ Let’s make them think they have a say-but we will do as we always have…whatever we want to protect our own property values and quality of life-said a nameless politician.” North Shore residents have been saying “that’s enough” for years, but it always falls on deaf ears. So now the politicians sugar coat what their doing so it’s more palpable. However, to me it’s obvious that we are getting kicked every which way again and again. When will it stop? When will we be allowed to sit at the table and develop a comprehensive “Plan” for development that will allow for appropriate change in the years to come?

    It seems like never.

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