6 thoughts on “Breaking Down De Blasio’s Expanded Housing Plan

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  4. The bankrupting of NYC has begun. $1,125,000,000/year to start. Income, sales and property taxes will all have to be raised to cover this. What if there is a recession?

  5. My question is, is the Mayor spending as much time and money to preserve the existing regulated housing stock as he is building 80% luxury / 20% affordable housing? In my neighborhood, Inwood, we had many more units 30 years ago than we do now because landlords are allowed to gut renovate, create needless MCI’s, jack the rent up and degregulate, and that’s even if they are getting J-51 subsidies from the government. Landlords harrass people out of their apartments, and they buy people out. They won’t make repairs timely or they make shoddy ones. Building-wide MCI’s are passed through DHCR pro-forma without the agency checking to make sure that the work was done or that it cost as much as the landlord said it did, and then the tenants have to pay for it. Some can’t. Does the government have a handle on how many apartments have been lost to each one of these causes? My guess is they don’t have a clue and don’t care to know. I hope that City Limits will do its part to find out. It’s stupid to be building more units, while causing major environmental, infrastructure and displacement impacts while we are leaking so many stabilized units. This building of huge new luxury buildings while little is done to recover the lost regulated units has to stop.

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