4 thoughts on “NYU’s Storm Refugees Resisting Pressure to Return to Puerto Rico

  1. Aquí se quedaron más de 13, 000 estudiantes y terminaron su semestre en la Universidad de PR. A nadie se le cayó un pedazo. La UPR esta funcionando y no necesita esta mala publicidad. Tampoco PR. Sí prefieren quedarse allí que paguen lo que cuesta allí, o mejor, que se lo donen a la UPR. Llorones!!

  2. They can explain why there are so , any things wrong with their govt at home, but if they want to make a change they should go back to their country to challenge and male a difference instead of running away and leaving it to those still there . May sound harsh but they cant challenge from the saftey here while many of their own familg amd friends have to endure at home.

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