One thought on “Opinion Split at City Planning Commission Hearing on Proposed Inwood Rezoning

  1. This is an excellent and detailed report. However, I feel comment on one aspect of the day’s events is in order. While the number of testifiers at this hearing was, as reported, roughly evenly split between those for and those against the rezoning, it should be noted that those in favor were virtually all members of city or or other government agencies, landowners, developers, large business owners and others who do not live in Inwood and likely stand to profit from the effects of the rezoning. No neighborhood residents or small business owners spoke in favor of the rezoning. This is also the first hearing at which there has been any substantial amount of public testimony in favor of this rezoning. I and others in the Inwood community have reason to believe that this is likely in response to recent pressure put on those who stand to profit from the rezoning to support it more publicly by Councilmember Rodríguez in response to the fact that opposition has been virtually unanimous by the community over hundreds of hours of meetings, hearings and individual testimonies up to this point.
    It should also be further noted that a large number of testifiers who had signed up to speak in favor of the rezoning had left by the time their names had been called, while only a very few of those opposed had similarly left. I feel this further supports the hypothesis that many pro-rezoning testifiers appeared in response to having been asked to do so, rather that out of their own concern for what is at stake.

    The author of this comment is an Inwood resident and member of Northern Manhattan is Not for Sale, Save Inwood Library and other groups supporting the Uptown United Platform, and was present for the entirety of the City Planning Commission’s hearing on the proposed Inwood Rezoning.

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