One thought on “Which Neighborhood Facing Rezoning Faces Steepest Displacement Risks?

  1. I wish I could upload the photo I took of my building’s front door, which is plastered with 8 or 10 notices. It’s 1795 Riverside drive in Inwood. This has been going on a long time. Is there no limit to how many MCIs there can be or how much the landlord charges? They charged us half a million dollars for doing next to nothing on the roof and DHCR goes along with it. The landlord has deregulated over a third of the building while in the J-51 program. HPD’s done an AWFUL job of spelling out tenants rights and providing a listing of the violation types. This needs to be a series of articles. And it would be great if you could interview city and state legislators to ask what they’re planning to do about it.

    If anyone from Inwood is interested to keep up with current events regarding the rezoning, check out Inwood Preservation on Facebook.

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