“There’s a big difference between rhetoric, promises, and me who has been there, doing it, knowing it, making a big difference, improving people’s lives.”
–Councilmember Mathieu Eugene to Kings County Politics
Margaret Chin Battles for Re-election
Voices of New York, Sourcing from The Sing Tao Daily
“Margaret Chin, the incumbent City Council member of District 1, visited Sing Tao Daily to seek the paper’s endorsement on Aug. 3. During the meeting, Chin said her track record of helping Chinatown as well as the diverse communities in her district make her confident about her re-election. And when asked whether she plans to run for higher public office four years later, Chin didn’t say no.” Our take: Chin is certainly right that development in the area has made her a ‘public enemy’ with some anti-gentrification advocates. We wonder if her approach to the Peter Liang case, which she says many people didn’t like, has also caused her to lose fans.

2017 Mayoral Election De Blasio Endorsements Roll, Malliotakis Questions Patronage
Kings County Politics
“Mayor Bill de Blasio, a Park Slope resident, this week rolled out a parade of Brooklyn endorsements from elected officials as well as public support of several important political club. Meanwhile, presumptive Republican mayoral candidate Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis (R-Bay Ridge, Staten Island) took a jab at de Blasio’s patronage hiring, and did a cross political endorsement with Ray Denaro the Republican City Council Candidate running against City Council Member Mark Tryeger (D-Coney Island, Bensonhurst, Gravesend).” Our take: Malliotakis can condemn the fiscal risks of de Blasio’s expansion of the city’s municipal workforce, but in some cases that growth may have improved services, and there are also advocates pushing for more oversight, which would require even more staff, from agencies like the Department of Housing Preservation and Development.

Bo Dietl accuses Mayor de Blasio of playing politics by asking slain cop’s family to march with him at Dominican Day Parade
The Daily News
“The family of slain Police Officer Miosotis Familia has been thrust into the middle of a political squabble over whom they will march with in the Dominican Day Parade on Sunday. Bo Dietl, a former detective and independent mayoral candidate, says he was planning to march with the Familia family, including her three children — but fumed that Mayor de Blasio has asked the children to march with him…A de Blasio spokesman said the invitation was about honoring the family, not politics.” Our take: This is truly a tricky situation. Perhaps to spare grieving families, there should be a “blackout period” for all candidates where they can’t ask families of slain officers to march in parades?

Eugene Says Accomplishments Matter
Kings County Politics
“With just over a month left until the Sept. 12 Democratic Primary, City Council Member Mathieu Eugene (D-Prospect Lefferts Gardens, Flatbush, East Flatbush, Ditmas Park) is tasked with assuring constituents of his accomplishments during a 10-year incumbency, while squaring off with challengers Jen Berkley, Pia Raymond, and Brian Cunningham on relevant issues. The often elusive Eugene took the time out to speak with KCP recently. One of the most significant issues in this race has been housing and Eugene argues that though his fellow candidates also speak on housing, he has proof of his commitment to the issue.” Our take: From the way Kings County Politics’ puts it, it sounds like Eugene hasn’t done a great deal of tooting his own horn, at least to the local press, in the past.

GOP mayoral candidate Nicole Malliotakis slams Mayor de Blasio over promises ‘he has yet to deliver’
The Daily News
“More than a year after Mayor de Blasio promised a list of donors who didn’t get favors they sought, Republican mayoral hopeful Nicole Malliotakis is asking Hizzoner to put up or shut up.’We have been promised many things from this mayor and he has yet to deliver, and one of those things is the list of donors who have not received special treatment,’ Malliotakis said outside City Hall Thursday. Malliotakis is launching a clock on her campaign website counting the days since de Blasio made the memorable promise on May 18, 2016.De Blasio spokesman Eric Phillips said Thursday he expected an op-ed ‘in the coming weeks.'” Our take: Though De Blasio was not charged by investigators, candidates are continuing to make his relationship with donors a campaign issue—and only time will tell how voters respond.

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