71 thoughts on “Crackdown on Landlords Who Rebuff Section 8

  1. Section-8 tenants are the absolute bottom of the barrel. No one wants them because they are disruptive and bring criminal activity with them. One couple in my neighborhood bought a home next to theirs and rents it to Sec-8 losers. They have an illegal apartment in the basement of the house. They also did not register the property with HPD as they are required to. These infractions have been reported to the nycdob and nychpd.

    I also think the NYC law is unconstitutional. A landlord should have the right to refuse a source of income.

    • i have NEVER EVER HEARD nice things about renting to section 8 tenants.. its not about discrimination for being poor its about discrimination because you are a horrible tenant.

      its time for city limits to GROW UP and realize behavior matters no matter what color you are

      • Really I am a College Graduate from USD, there was a window of opportunity when they were letting people who weren’t making enough money from their jobs, and I was lucky enough to find it, they don’t have that program anymore they had it for 3 years. However, I am still on Section 8, now you are one of the many that stereotype individuals based on their income. That is what is what is wrong with this country, are you related to Donald Trump? I think you’d be best to be much more open minded. I would like to see how you felt if you had children and were a single mother, not that I am, I am getting married, young, beautiful and intelligent, and I am tired of people grouping others in a stereotypical fashion, are you a fascist by the way?

        • Anna,

          I’m a real estate agent… if you know of any places around where you live in NYC that accepts vouchers without discrimination, please let me know and I will share my commission with you. I’m trying to find units for at least three people. Good folks just need a place to live so they can get back on track and start working again. Being in a shelter has made it pretty difficult to them, one is a college grad … but it doesn’t really mean much when you have no where to live. If you can help, please call me at 917-723-9014 … or text is fine too.

        • Yes, Section 8 tenants have stigmas but they are not discriminatory in nature. Section 8 tenants have earned those stigmas based on their predictably irresponsible and reckless habits. Of course, it’s not all Section 8 tenants but it does appear to be the vast majority of them. As property and landlords, we are business people who need the most business sound decisions…be that whatever presents the least amount of maintenance resulting in a nice ROI and cost benefit analysis. Nobody gets into investing to lose money because some nuance like Section 8 tenants are a tremendous burden. Section 8 tenants have nothing to lose. The federal government is paying most of their rent. All the risk is levied on the property owner, which makes Section 8 tenants a very risky endeavor.

          • Bewlshyte—You are on here talking about how
            “HORRIBLE” Sect 8 tenants are?? Most tenants are clean and keep their units up with no problems. The discrimination towards section 8 tenants whom are a higher percentage minorities is used to keep Blacks and Latinos from migrating in certain neighborhoods.. We all know that non-section 8 tenants are your real problem with their parties and their dirty pets and unkept units.. Non-section 8 tenants arent regulated by the section 8 program to encourage their behavior and lifestyle in order to avoid being evicted like SAID section 8 tenants whom if evicted also would lose their section 8 voucher they’ve waited years to receive among the search and approval system for that said unit…. I highly doubt section 8 recipients are in the market for losing the roof over their heads for their children as many are working poor two parent households and many are single parents as well. A high percentage of section 8 participants also have a family member or so in the said unit whom is mentally ill or disable or elderly… So Stop telling your lies and step up to the plate and recognize that landlords dont want section 8 tenants in their units due to the inspection that would expose their slum landlord tendencies among discriminatory practices towards black and latinos in their communities….

          • Excuse me but I have been on section 8 for the last 15 years and at 4 landlords committed FRAUD AGAINST SECTION 8 AND abused the he’ll put of me after I spent 2000 of my own money and 380 hours of hard work to make one property LIVABLE only to have him raise my rent on the side and another actually forced me into an rv to sublease the contracted rental out to airbnb leaving me without a working toilet kitchen or even a clear path to the door of it. But when I complained to hud guess who is now is looking for a place to live ? I have always left my rentals cleaner and in better condition than when I took poses soon and more and more landlords lie charging for new carpet that didn’t have to be replaced and was only steam cleaned and charging for damages that never occurred not once or twice but EVERY TIME and thankfully I tale a lot of photos to verify I am telling the truth and this is the ONLY REA SON I STILL HAVE MY VOUCHER. you landlords have cried wolf so many times I can’t count them and every time you do its the tenants getting the blame so you can RON US AND THE HUD PROGRAMS. SHAME ON the greedy landlords who get away with ruining inno cent good tenants lies because you think you’re better than some one because of their income level. Big mistake and when the housing crashes again I hope you get what’s coming to you all for causing It

          • Please know that if a tenant destroys property there is a mechanism by which owner can get reimbursed from the tenant. Owners can report the tenant to the voucher issuing housing Authority. Voucher holders are under contract to maintain good housekeeping. If this is not being done the shame on the owner for allowing abuse of their units.

          • Section 8 tenants have nothing to lose!? I guess having the basic human need of shelter is nothing? Pathetic.

        • Thank you! I am a single mother with three daughters. And I am far from trash,just certain circumstances led me to having a low income. I’m clean and take very well care of my girls and where we lay our heads!! So thank you for understanding

          • That’s cool, and very common from what I’ve seen (my family rents out my deceased grandmother’s house)…but I find EVERY TIME that when that single mother slides a boyfriend into the property, holes get punched in walls, windows get broken, loud music complaints start pouring in from neighbors, and cops are getting called like 2-5 times a month for domestic crap. As long as a sista keeps her boyfriend living wherever he was before they met (although that’s usually at a previous girlfriend’s apartment or his mom’s place), everything remains peaceful, there’s rarely damages, and the place doesn’t get trashed when she moves out.

          • Yes there are section 8 bad apples but not all section 8 tenants are bad. I’m disabled and waited ten years to get section 8. I’m blessed to have it but my landlord is abusing his authority. I’m extremely clean, neet freak in fact. My apartment is cleaner than it was when I moved in. I never have company over. I’m extremely quiet & respectful of others. I’m now trying to find a different apartment but unfortunately due to some of bad apples it has ruined it for the bunch. Those of us that have it, appreciate it, keep our apartments clean, quiet and drama free are suffering from discrimination of having section 8 thanks to the ones that have abused it & that includes untrustworthy landlords. I wish there was a way to better screen section 8 landlord’s and tenants because I am disabled and looking for a safe more physically suitable apartment. All I’ve been getting is rejection from landlords the minute I mention section 8. I’m a good person with no criminal, drug or drinking background. It’s awful that those of us that genuinely need our section 8 voucher and are good decent people let alone good tenants get treated so negatively because of the bad seed section 8 landlords and tenants. Why should the good people suffer because of others?

        • I think it’s such bad judgment from people. I am a mother of two with no job and I have section 8. And I hate o break it to all these narrow minded people who thinks every person that has section 8 is bad or is a criminal. I am not a criminal, nor am I a “disruptive” individual. I am actually one of those section 8 recipients who is ocd clean and organized and don’t do bad shit and break shit like many do. So the fact that I have to be stereotyped in that category is really sad and hurtful. So for all u people who insinuate all section 8 fall in the same category, ur wrong. Don’t judge a person by its cover…

        • I as well have had my section 8 appartment now for 10 years and take very good care of the place. I am very respectful to my neighbor and always pay my rent on time. I hate when people think less of someone because of the status that they are in. Just because im on section 8 doesnt make me or my family bad people.

      • What about if your a good tenant? And the landlady only cones for the rent. I have plenty of pics of my place. I’m a a good house keeper. I even planted a beautiful garden outside. Now I’m dealing with bedbugs that she knew was here pryer to me moving in. Sad.

      • That’s not true at all I’ve been a sec ,8 tenant for 16 years now and I’ve went buy all rules . The only thing sec 8 ask for is to take care of the property and report all income of any kind of changes and not to destroy the property . How hard is that . Be grateful and not take it for granted. Because it’s hard our there . It’s the home owners I’ve always got issues with

      • I am on section eight as poor with disabilities that impair me from employment. Due to many ignorant, biased landlords who don’t take section eight, I have to live in drug area with junkies. Traffic, druggies,excons in run down building run by slumlord.

    • Just as a baker or a photographer should have the right to refuse service because of religious belief? Just as men should not be allowed into a restroom or a locker room shower with little girls? We are descending into 1984.

    • Who the hell rents a place out without doing background checks or asking previous landlords for a character reference or rental history ? Please don’t put us all in the same boat … I keep my place spotless and pay my rent EVERY month. I have never been aressested in my life and always respect my neighbors. I cannot find a bigger place because of landlords who think like you!

      You know I could do the same thing here and say that landlords who rent out to Section 8 tenants are greedy slum lords who never keep up with their property and never fix a thing ! But I don’t… although some are I do my research before moving in somewhere, something you should be doing with tenants as well. Shame on you. !

        • No, SHE PAYS HER RENT! Just because she needs a little help to make ends meet doesn’t mean she isn’t doing her part. I get sick of people wanting to open their mouths with nothing intelligent to say. A lot of these people that you classless people are calling “bottom of the barrel” are working or students just looking for a break. There are nasty, disruptive people that don’t use any kind of assistance and what do you call them? I have people in and out of my office daily looking to collect workers comp when there is absolutely nothing wrong with them they just don’t want to work, but yet have nice homes and smart watches, etc. Making things look bad for the truly unlucky few, just the same as in the section 8 program. You simply can’t group people together based off a singular bad encounter. I could call you a slumlord because my previous landlord was an absolute ass, but I don’t know you and would never make that assumption. You know what they say about one who assumes. Shame on you!

          Stop judging those you know nothing about and spreading your ignorance in the atmosphere. It can catch like a viral disease.

          • actually, full-time student are NOT entitled to section 8 or other rental subsidies.

            they are not even entitled to live in a tax-credit building

          • Actually, full time students are able to get section 8. @Get the facts right

            Especially those who are like me (basically foster care kids and thus independent students)… Also people like me
            I’m 19 so people think I’m healthy. I have a Systemic autoimmune disease (Lupus), poor antibody production and poor vaccine responses from some sort of immunodeficiency my immunologist is trying to figure out exactly why I have it plus fibromyalgia plus am getting evaluated for genetic connective tissue disorder that makes my autoimmune arthritic joints pop out and subluxate. Skeletal, ocular, and other problems like bursting blood vessels and marfanoid habitus. Got diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder Type 1 and Schizophrenia which may have been due to the autoimmune disease (Lupus) if it was attacking my brain. Don’t know. I’m just hoping I’m not actually crazy and if they figure everything out I may no longer be “mentally I’ll” so society won’t discriminate against me

            Please get YOUR facts right. I used to study opera, piano, and guitar and used to be a top student with test scores in the 99th percentile since childhood up until about years ago when the illnessess began.

            Sometimes I hate myself because afraid I’m lazy when in fact I am just in so much pain, exhaustion, malaise, feverish inflammation, and overall hell that sometimes I wonder if I’d be better off dead. I want to be an entrepreneur so badly but I cycle through weeks of horrid symptoms followed by a day or two of being okay.

            I didn’t ask to have to take naps throughout the day. I want to be a normal 19 year old and get a full time job instead of being stuck feeling like I’m just chronically dying the slowest death I possibly could.

            I can barely accomplish normal tasks that everyday yet Alone full time studying but if I managed to pull that off one day, I don’t know how the hell I could study full time and get a job too when it’s so hard to even read and I just want to curl up and cry. I want to be an entrepreneur. I just pray that will one day happen

        • Yes I pay my rent and I pay $920 a month because I make a little under $40,00o a Year so [get lost]! I WORK ! Your taxes pay for a lot more [nonsense] than section 8 so please stop it !

        • So true! Ungrateful section 8! There should be a limit to how many years a person can live on section 8 housing unless actually handicap. Because 10 to 16 years is plenty of time to get yourself on your feet and start paying full rent like us hard working people are! Your welcome for your almost free living you ungrateful, free loaders!

      • All I can say is, I pay my rent on time every month, Sometimes 2-3 months in advance. I keep my apartment clean and I keep to my self. Actually, I tried to move but my landlord is giving me the runaround. He says that I am his best tenant. So not all section 8 holders is the same. I’m still looking for a place in a nicer neighborhood, but I’m being told that my income has to be 40 times the rent, even if I have section 8.

    • I agree! Section 8 allows their tenants to beat the system against landlords. Most are career non payer tenants who know how to manuver through the system for years.

      • And the apartment vacancy law for landlords allow landlords to sit on their empty apartments however long and collect from the city so long as the apartments are empty. Under the notion that these land lords are not able to rent the apartments in a descent amount of time when actually they can but refuse to. Talk about landlord welfare hugh?. Are you one of those?????? Landlords know how to manuver through the court system also. Landlords also buy out lawyers and practice illegal behaviors for the all mighty dollar. Are you one of those?? please lie and say no.

        • wondering where you came up with that “apartment vacancy law” … sounds cute, if it were true

          stop speaking in absolutes, there are bad tenants and bad landlords just as there are good tenants and landlords

    • Not all Section 8 tenants bringing criminal activity. Especially if their working they most likely wouldn’t have time to participate in criminal activity. I know I’ m to concerned about paying my bills. Now a lot if these landlords that take section 8 are unethical low down scum bags. Very nasty.

      • That’s true. WOMEN are the ones who get Section 8 vouchers. Their thug BOYFRIENDS are the criminals. They have the girlfriend get the apartment and the landlord thinks the only people who will be on the property will be the woman and her kid/kids…then the boyfriend sneaks in a couple days later at night and takes up residence, and within a week the apartment starts getting wrecked, and loud music complaints start. The guy might even start dealing in the parking lot. It’s common in the black community (black guy here, a lot of my coworkers and people I know outside of work do this, my family also rents out my grandmother’s house), and anybody who pretends it isn’t is just clueless.

    • Not all Section 8 tenants or prospective Section 8 tenants are losers. My family and I
      applied for a Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher because of a tragedy that happened to us.
      My father became disabled because of an accident that wasn’t his fault. He can’t work any more. His only income is SSDI. We were okay for awhile because my mother was still working. Then, my mother got sick with cancer. She was fired because she had to miss a lot of time at work. My mom couldn’t get unemployment because she was too sick to work. Since it takes years for Social Security to approve a disability application, my parents had no other choice but to seek help paying our rent. Our family doesn’t use illegal drugs. My parents both have college degrees. My mom has a Phd from Harvard. She used to be a college professor before she became ill. My parents and I don’t have criminal records. I earn straight A’s in school and am hoping to get enough scholarships to be able to go to college, myself. I want to become a doctor and help cure the disease my mother has.

  2. I’m a landlord in another state and want you to answer these logical questions. Why would landlord turn down a government check, direct deposited to their account? The answer is experience! It has NOTHING TO DO WITH DISCRIMINATION AND EVERYTHING TO DO WITH EXPERIENCE. S8 inspects these houses ..before.. they move in and everything is working and in good condition or they fail inspection and won’t rent them. I have tried repeatedly to work with the renters. A very few work out. I threw out two last week.
    The first one, in two months, the police were called to her house 3 times. The last time I know of, we were over to check a leak, only to find the mother of 6, just getting home from jail at 8am. for public fighting! My property was hardly recognizable. They had used paintball guns on the inside walls. Poured different color nail polish all over the hardwood floors. There were 3ft by 4ft holes in the walls. Wrote grafitti all over the outside of the house and inside of the garage. The front windows were broke out because she had let her kids dig up the front yard and make mud balls and throw them at the house. They were still sticking to the front of the house. She had taken all the door knobs off and replaced with dead bolts, none of which we had a key to. We were lucky she was just coming home as we couldn’t have gotten in. The house was unbeleivably filthy. She had other people also living in the house. A 400 lb thing that wasn’t on the lease, living there to watch her kids (I guess just in case of an impromptu fight and being hauled off to jail in the middle of the night). When I gave her notice to move because of the sheer distruction, she really went to work tearing the place up. They tore the doors off the stove and frig., cut the hoses to the heating and air letting out all the free onn and distroying the air unit. They took something and punched about 20-30 holes in the ceilings in each room, tore the paneling off the walls in several rooms, stuffed bottle caps down both toilets, tore the handles off the faucets, tore the front door off and destroyed the door facing to the point the whole thing had to be replaced. Then she called the police and tried to file a report on.. ME,, saying ..I.. did it. She is 2nd generation welfare.
    The SECOND one I threw out last week, hadn’t paid her portion of the rent since she moved in last August. Not once! The city called me to say that she was so nasty the trash was spilling into the street and they had cleaned it up but the next time would be on me. I sent a worker out to look and he said he wouldn’t go in because of the stinch. I went out with an employee and found the front yard filthy. Non working washing machines thrown in the yard and black garbage bags thrown in the yard. It seems the pit bulls she owned (but against the lease) were tearing the bags open and the garbage was blowing down the hill and into the road. The garage was full of black garbage bags, full and bursting. The inside of the house was the same. All she ever had to do was get off her lazy butt and take the garbage to the and street. The garbage is picked up TWICE a week! There must have been 30 bags in the house and 20 in the garage. Her bedroom was full of half gallon ice cream tubs thrown in the floor and melted candy bars all in the carpet. When I gave her eviction, she turned her two pitbulls loose which immediatly attacked the neighbors chained up dog.
    I’m a 70 yr old little female. I had a big heart, but this is what I got for my troubles. I’ve also been attacked twice by them. Once I got a black eye, and the other time, I was knocked down, flat of my back. Since then, I never go to a house alone.
    Now, after reading this, do you think it is …FAIR.. to say people who have had this kind of experiences…MUST… rent to them?

    • Another thing, you can’t find a list of Sec-8 properties anywhere on the NYC Open Data website. It’s a big secret where our tax dollars are being spent.

      • this is very unfortunate sorry to hear this…however you do have good section 8 people who are good renters. I am not a section8 renter but my dealings with landlords not very pleasant. my current landlord over charged me on my rent and realty and brokers fees. Makes it hard for me to move without abandoning the apartment all of our money goes on rent due to the illegal rent raise. rent went from 1350 to 1700.00 in 4 yrs. the last landlord kept freezing me not providing me heat. very traumatizing. She would have heat but i could not. she would also beg me not to go to the city and complain but she left me no choice. I would pay her in advance rent and she still froze me. where is the happy medium here.

    • I MUST SAY, THAT WAS ALL WRONG DOING BY TENTANTS, NOT SECTION 8. I agree that it is understanding that you had some bad experiences with the people but not section 8 and it’s people of such who makes it hard for people who will be good tentants who have section 8 vouchers. I work daily with family who had been staying with parents and relatives who have gotten their section 8 vouchers and needing places to rent for themselves and their children but landlord are now refusing to help families that have not been giving an opportunity to have the comfort of being in their own place. The children are suffering more because they can not rest comfortable, they miss many days of schools because parents may have to shelter them where ever they can be. There has to be a solution to the problem and I believe if the HUD Section 8 Program and landlord are will to set down with me I can offer a solution that will help all three parties which are the HUD’s Housing Program, landlords and tenants and it will be a fair plan for all that are involve. I believe it will support all to have the plan I have and landlords and HUD will be able to house families with children with out the rejection of fear to rent and HUD inspection to fail their units. I have had this plan for years but now it’s time to bring it to the table because to many good people and families with children are affected by the landlord rejection of section 8 vouchers. We must understand we have more poor people and families with children than others and we need a housing solution than “REJECTION OF SECTION 8. Poor people have jobs that pays $9.00 or less an hour need help to pay their rent and if that help is being denied what are we thinking next that it will look like in our cities and communities. It’s to much homelessness already and if landlords keep rejecting families with children housing we are creating now a street society of more bitterness, angrier, violent in our community and not even landlord are going to be safe or any people going to be safe. If what that tenant did to your property when you gave notice that she had to move just think what it’s going to be like if housing doors are continually rejecting people and families with children now we are not just dealing with angry disappointed parents but now we got to deal with angry children even more.

    • No!!! I’m from Brooklyn NY , I know to fact ,these people or terrible and the city dose nothing to help the landlord. I had sections 8 Tennant for nine years ,it was nine years worth of trouble . Every month or twice a month HPD would come out for something that she did wrong into the apt .and you cant tell section 8 that the Tennant did it , itis your violation (landlord) why? andtop of that the apt was the worst apt into the building everything in her apt was broken , I mean everything. good news I did a holdovercase and she was gone . I know you’re pain i have been though it . yes the money is sure , but it’s come with pain . I want section 8 to pay more attention to we the landlord ,if we fixed and give you our apartment in goog conditions ,when the Tennant destroy the apt why they wolk away and leave us will the bills Landlords we need to do something about this . stop sections 8 until they fix their problem.

      • i think the city needs to stop coddling the landlords with the apartment vacancy fees. They need to lift the extensive discriminatory background checks on apartments that are renting for only 1250.00. Demanding that the prospective tenants make 60,000 a year for a 12k rent this rediculous. The more you give landlord incentive the more they crap on the people and get away with it. They need to put a band on illegal landlord behaviors and judges who allow these sorts of practices to continue. Lost files at he court house..lawyers being bought out by landlords to push tenants out. It a mess in the city. Tenant information being sold to the highest bidder (land lords and credit collectors). Major abuse major and getting away with it.

    • I have been reading your story. I can empathize with you, for your, harrowing experience. I would just like to say this. In the early 1950’s, during the Korean War, the Veterans were coming back home, only to find, there were no jobs, and no affordable housing. The Government decided to build affordable housing for Veterans and their families. The were the first NYC Housing Authority apt’s. You could not get one, if you were not a Veteran. They were brand new, in every respect. The people who lived in them were every day WHITE, Black, Hispanic, Jews, Christians, Muslims. Decades later, due to Recession, they were opened up to Lower income, WHITES, Black Americans, Hispanics, Jews, Christians, and Muslims. Today, we have entire housing projects inhabited with JEWS ONLY! We have Sec.8 Voucher holders, who are WHITE, Black , Hispanic, Jews, Christians, and Muslims! There are “NO”, ONLY GOOD LANDLORDS, there are “NO”, ONLY BAD SEC 8 TENANTS. We are a melting pot, of PEOPLE. We MUST, JUDGE EACH MAN/ WOMAN, on their own MERIT, WORKS, and DEEDS! “JUDGE NOT, YET THEE BE JUDGED”. I am a 61 year old, Veteran, Chef, singe FATHER, and a NURSE for 30 years. My daughter is 40 years old, and MY Son is TEN, this Aug, 2017. I have been raising my son alone, for the past SEVEN YEARS! When you meet a person, realize that they are an INDIVIDUAL, who does not represent a RACE, a RELIGIOUS GROUP, a FINANCIAL GROUP, a SEXUALITY GROUP, or a COUNTRY! They REPRESENT, who and what, THEY ARE! “NOT ME”, “NOT YOU”. THEMSELVES! PEACE.

    • This happened to us once. I would never Rent a home to anyone. It sounds almost identical to how our home was destroyed by trashy people!

    • Better vetting of your tenants would have solved that I have only 3 landlords in an 8 year period and ALL give me great references

  3. Local political hacks, eager to garner votes from the entitlement community are passing these unconstitutional laws about Section 8 all over the country.

    Currently there is a case about to hit the Texas Supreme Court about this very issue. At hand is a local government (the city of Austin) passing a law mandating that private property owners must except Section 8. The reason this law is unconstitutional is simple, Section 8 is a VOLUNTARY Federal program that does not require anyone to participate in it if they chose not to.

    In recent years, far left socialist activists have been able to influence local governments to pass these mandate laws and regulations. Such laws take away private property owners rights, basically it means that the property owner is being forced to participate in a government program on the governments terms and are held prisoner by the government.

    Obviously this in unlawful and unconstitutional. The Texas case was filed after the city of Austin passed such a law. However, the law has not been implemented due to all of the lower Texas courts finding it unconstitutional. The Texas legislature recently passed a state law forbidding any county or city from passing these mandate laws. This law is in effect now (while the case is in the courts on the other law).

    When the Texas Supreme Court finds this law unconstitutional it will probably go to SCOTUS where it would get a 4/4 split decision and the lower court rulings would stand. Then you will see cases brought up in every city that has passed these laws and they will all be thrown out.

    The other major reason landlords don’t want to take Section 8 is that it is no longer profitable for them. They don’t get the amount of money they need from the government, the fines, fees and red tape increase with each passing year and HUD no longer pays for the damages left by Section 8 tenants. The average damages to a unit by a Section 8 tenant is $7,000.00. Who can afford to pay that over and over again?

    It’s time the entire program is revamped, no more lifetime benefits and no forcing landlords to accept it if they don’t want to participate. In the meantime to avoid trouble don’t advertise your properties, use word of mouth through your social or business connections and you won’t have to deal with it. Again, don’t advertise, in this market you don’t need to.

    • Landlords who don’t want to participate just need to require a 650 credit score. It’s not illegal (as long as you require it for all applicants) and it has the same effect as saying “no section 8” without violating the law.

      • Another thing with that…..another discriminatory practice… the 40x’s the rent thing. So you have good credit practice but need to have established the 40x’s the rent as part of income. What about that.. for a 1200.00 apartment in an ungentrifiable area in the bronx at that. PLEASE EXPLAIN HOW THIS IS NOT A DISCRIMINATORY ACT??? WELL!!!!!

    • So if you deny everybody who have a section 8 vouchers, then where are these people and families going to do and go? Let’s not pretend we don’t know that much of this rejection of section 8 is discrimination against the poor because it is the poor who mostly have a section 8 voucher and let’s not pretend that we don’t know who for the most who else is a affected by the rejection of section 8 vouchers.
      In the long run landlords do not have to advertise, but at some points in time they will. Poor people hold the power and the Federal Government with the poor people hold the most power whether it seem as though it more power in the other direction of power. I believe the good is always rising to the top. I know it’s more good people with section 8 than those who have just been bad apples in the bunch. I also know some landlords are slumlords and many of them do not agree to follow section guide lines. We can not just put it all on the tenants this is a two sided story and it must not be over looked.

      I know of many landlords who just wouldn’t fix the normal wear and tear and when the tenants would make it known the landlords ignore the tenants complaints and when it’s reported to the section 8 now the landlord wants to make it hard for the tenant that paid their rent on time and did not damage the property, but because section inspectors comes out check the property normal break down like leaking toilet, leaking sink faucets, loose door hinges, none working furnaces, none working stove and none working refrigerator and so on, because I work in the communities I have learn and seen and witness landlord corruption toward good tenants, I’ve gone to court with tenants and I have seen and heard the corrupted lies and statement written by landlords against good section 8 tenants. I educate all the tenants I work with how to protect themselves with landlords and most of my families wins because they are knowledgeable of both their and landlord rights. We work with our families in the community to keep it right with landlords so when they decide to go wrong with the tenants a justice judge will rule fair. I suggest that we not just cast all the blame just on the section 8 tenants the landlords must also be responsible and must be
      held accountable also as well.

  4. You shouldn’t assume everyone within a group is the same. I pay my rent, I am more respectable then those without S8 and with a credit score that is significantly higher than most. I’m an educated, working, degree holding and law abiding citizen who just happens to have S8. I think landlords should do their research on a tenant before renting to them. If your tenant is in jail as much as you claim then they should have an extensive record by now. A lot of landlords are quick to make a dollar from their lis pendens income properties they hastily aquired during the bubble that they turn a blind eye. And then they’re surprised when their property is in shambles. I do my own research before renting. I have to see the neighborhood, see the behavior of the people in the building, sit with owner or management and gage their personality, and even search online for building violations or pending foreclosures. TREAT EVERY CASE INDIVIDUALLY, DO YOUR RESEARCH AND YOU WON’T HAVE THIS PROBLEM AGAIN.

  5. They are the sucubus of society. They use the system to their advantage. They purposely choose this life. They enjoy the section 8, medicaid, food stamps, free phones, while they have a man living with them and they demand more. Why take care of yourself and your own when there is a government that makes the middle class pay for all your wants? Eliminate Entitlements make these sucubus’ work.

    • You do realize, Mike, that many of the people receiving Medicaid, Food Stamps and Section 8 work, earning poverty wages that make it more affordable for you, me and other middle-class people to go to McDonald’s or stay at a hotel now and then?

    • I was not raised to be lazy, settle or take handouts from no one. I believe in that whatever energy you put into the return will be double. There’s no pride in not being able to take care of yourself, having to rely on the ‘system’ to take care of you. Which means loosing more control over your private life.

      Even though I have put over 30 years into the system, I never thought I would be on the ‘other’ end of things. It’s annoying hearing folks complain about people on government assistance, getting food stamps, standing in line at the county buildings.


      Just hope that it doesn’t ever change to where you are now looking for a pair a shoes from the same place the ones you are speaking of got theirs.

      The higher up, the harder the fall.

  6. Because some people still hold standards to personal responsibility. Providing shelter to yourself and your family is your responsibility not others.

    • It is a personal responsibility yes…. however there are many who can not afford it. What if the american dollar were to become obsolete? cant use the US dollar can’t pay rent become homeless……it would be your personal responsibility to feed your children..how…
      even better loss your job money ran out..what now still your personal responsibility to feed and cloth all of you or just you… with out help….. and those with an alternative source for feeding themselves etc look down on you because of your poor status. what then….. greedy people…..landlords do not know how to treat their tenants right….. I propose an overhaul in the court system with prejudice to landlords and lawyers and also tenants who practice unsavory behaviors.

  7. My first response is how sad that some can ruin it for others. However, everyone is different. I have put into the system since I was 16 years old and I will be 48 this month. Throughout these years I have seen how individuals abuse the system. Those that were fortunate to be approved for Section 8 have forever placed a social stigma for future vouchers holders.

    Unfortunately, I am now one of those voucher holders. I was injured in 2010 on a military base where I was a civilian employee. Because of my injuries I will never be able to work again. I am an educated woman with a degree in Computer Science, a Post-911 Veteran and now I am P.P.D(permanent partial disabled) who has been denied SSDI & SSI) My income has been reduced 75%. I have been homeless since moving back to California in 2011, living with over 5 different family members during that time.

    I finally broke down and applied for Section 8 because I need HELP. In Atlanta I was able to afford my own place on my reduced income, but here in SKY HIGH California having my own place is ‘California Dreaming’. So like I mentioned, I applied in 2015 and was accepted in November of last year. I was fortunate to have had my application pulled so fast. That however was due to the fact that I’m homeless, disabled, a veteran and a woman.

    All of the above brings me to my frustrated state at this very moment. I’ve been persistently apartment shopping since November 30. Either the listings are old, the information wasn’t completely accurate, the units were located in an area that I would NOT feel safe in living alone, listings are on an an affordable housing/low-income site yet it clearly states in the description “NO SECTION 8”! OR I was just denied after paying a application fee that included a credit check which I have now been dinged for because of bad credit.

    I explained to the leasing agent before I even took the application that I have been working on my credit for that past couple of years and the collections that are really having an adverse action on my reports are my student loans. FedLoan Servicing reported my status in default AFTER they referred me to apply for forgiveness with disabilitydischarge.com and was informed by Nelnet and myself that my application was received and being reviewed for approval. Once notification was sent out no changes were to be made on the accounts and they were not to contact me.

    Now I have almost 30K worth of student loans on my reports. The kicker is that less interest rates my loans total less than 15K. However, it has been a real battle getting my original SM Loans that were transferred to Department of Education be removed from my reports. D.o.E decided to transfer my loans to FedLoan Svcng. resulting in my credit score dropping and my debt tripling.

    You see its bad enough when you can no longer function physically in a normal way. For me to be disabled at 42 having to use a cane and then upgrade or downgrade however you look at it to a walker, having cervical surgery and unable to even take a shower, get dressed, cook, clean or play with my grandchildren because my levels are maxed out daily but struggling now to take care of my grandfather who had minor brain surgery last May and the icing on the cake is that I qualified for a housing voucher because my income is below the median but cant find a place of my own because of the selfish acts of other therefore resulting in negative reactions from those affected is freakin depressing and really pisses me off.

    I really hope that homeowners and management companies truly take the time to review each applicants situation individually. We have no control over what life dishes our way, things happens. But not everyone is bad and shouldn’t be punished for the ones that are.

    Owners need to complain to to PHA. PHA needs to effectively penalized those that take advantage of properties, programs and the government as whole. Because I’m paying their rent as well and cant even pay my own for lack of finding a rental.

    I’ve been reading HUD’s Landlord and Tenants Rights. Federal, state and local governments have laws set into place. Once a violation has been made by either party the other needs to legally go about having it corrected immediately. That way others aren’t penalized when they weren’t, aren’t and wont be the problem.

  8. Section8 is a mess!
    Tenants know the system like they know their first & last name. The agencies work with the tenants to get over on landlords all the time..
    Here’s a few examples..
    1. Tenant says the landlord is selling their house. So they have to move asap..
    2. Their older kids are in college. On their voucher but do not live with them..
    3. The 30% HUD, TBRA,NYCHA or working tenant pays NEVER stays the same. The tenant always loses their job at some point leaving the landlord stuck with the bill.
    4. Once they move in then the real tenant comes out! Never what they babble about during the interview.
    5. Most will say they have NO criminal record, have never been evicted or have no outstanding bills on credit score.. LIES!!!
    6. If the tenant is friendly with a HPD investigator. They will pay the agent to fine you illegally. Especially if tenant damaged your unit. This is to stop your rent payments so the tenant can move without owing…
    My suggestion to Landlords is to learn the system, screen your brokers & ALWAYS wrote ALL information down via letter or text when dealing with tenants on issues.
    The Law is still on the landlords side, but you will still have to pay for damages propert & loss rent from tenants.
    The system is broken!!!

    • Apparently, you do not know very much about the Section 8 program.
      People can not just tell Section 8 that a landlord is selling their home and they have to move right away and then just get a voucher. There is a long waiting list. The average wait time to get a voucher is over 5 years. People with Section 8 vouchers and lease can’t just get permission to move by telling Section 8 that. In every state, the law says when a landlord sells a place that is under lease, the renter’s lease transfers to the new owner. The new owner has to abide by the terms of the existing lease.
      If a couple’s older children are in college, then they are still legally considered to be their parent’s dependents until they reach age 24. A college student, even if they live in a dorm, does not live in the dorm the entire year, the, but still come home for spring break, christmas break, and summer break. These children are legally allowed to be housed under their parents voucher. It is illegal to discriminate against families with children.
      Section 8 tenants are legally required to report all income changes within 10 days. If their income goes down, then the amount they pay the landlord for their 30% share goes down, but what the govt. pays to the landlord goes up. If their income goes up, then the
      people with Section 8 pay more, and the govt pays less, but the landlord gets the same amount of rent in either case.
      It’s easy enough to verify if a person is telling the truth about not having a criminal record. Landlords should check that before renting. Seriously, most Section 8 people don’t have a criminal history because Section 8 checks that and does not grant vouchers to anyone who is a convicted sex offender or has drug convictions.
      Most people on Section 8 seriously do not have the money to bribe anyone. Plus, if a Section 8 inspector or field rep is offered one they are required to report it or they lose their job. All meetings with clients are video taped and/or sound recorded by law.
      The biggest thing a lot of landlords do not like about Section 8 is that it requires the
      landlord to make prompt repairs to the unit and the building. By prompt, I mean prompt. 48 hours for most items. Less for some things. All the tenant has to do is call you and the clock starts ticking. If the landlord doesn’t get something fixed within the amounted time and the tenant has to send a letter, the govt instructs the tenant to pay the govt their share of the rent, the govt then takes that and their share and puts all the money in escrow. The landlord won’t get anything until the repairs have been made and documented by a Section 8 inspection.
      It’s a myth that Section 8 people are generally slobs…they can’t be.
      Or they lose their voucher. Section 8 apartments are subject to unannounced inspections from field reps. (The tenants are made aware of this when they get their vouchers.) Most Section 8 tenants get drop in inspections every couple of months, some more often.
      The main things the reps check for are signs of drug use, pets when the lease says no pets. smoking when the lease says non smoking, working smoke detectors, working appliances, working plumbing, etc. In winter, they check for snow plowing, use of ice melt, etc.
      I know…my family gets Section 8. Once a Section 8 inspector had a fit because they saw me plunging the bathroom sink to get it to go down. Our landlord had to send the maintenance guy right over to fix it or the landlord wasn’t going to get any rent.

  9. It’s really sad that people assume that all tenants with Section 8 are the same. I agree there are a lot of bad apples, but there are a lot of good tenants that follow the rules, do not create problems and pay their rent in a timely manner. My mother who is currently 76 has a voucher and resides in an areas that is not very good in Westchester. She has worked all her life to then be told she didn’t have enough points to collect social security and was then given SSI which is very limited funds. Thank goodness after some time she received a voucher. My mother is a good person, pays her bills on time, keep to herself, go to church and just want to be in a peaceful environment. Not only is she not one to take the system for granted, but she has to be hassled by the Section 8 supervisor who declined to permit my mother to move into a better neighborhood that was willing to take her voucher. Talk about unfair.

    So please understand, yes landlords go through some issues with some Section 8 tenants, but not all. The percentage of voucher holders is great and every person is not bad. I think our program needs to change with our times. I think the elderly and people with disabilities should be permanent voucher holders with the 30% payment; In most cases they will not return to work. I also believe that younger individuals who are capable of working should hold a different type of voucher. If our government really take a look at what is occurring, they would have a voucher that would be approximately 3 to 5 years for the 30% payment. After the specified timeframe the voucher holder should be responsible for 50% of their rent. Younger individuals should be going through college, or training; some area that will lead them to employment or better employment if they are working already. I think more assessing in regards to our able bodied individuals should be completed. Just sitting around doing nothing is not acceptable. The program was designed to assist and some do take it for granted and abuse it. The government need to follow through with some modifications to the Section 8 program.

    On an ending note, landlords each person is an individual. Get to know someone, get a reference from the prior landlord if you are not certain. Have the individual sign a consent for you to make contact and call to ease your mind. Try not to give up on everyone. Some people truly need assistance from Section 8.

  10. Its so sad how people judge others, I have section 8 and I’m a hard working, who gets up every day and go to work , it does not matter Where the person came form we all are individual. I’m a women with children who wants the same thing you want for your.
    Base on my income I pay more then half of my voucher. so there are people who just need that extra help. Yes I do agree their are so people who take things for grant and make other people who are hard working look bad. I thank God for the program with the cost of living it would be very hard for me. Did I weak up one day and say I’m going to work the system NO.. Some of us who do have voucher are just as hard working as those who don’t so be careful how you classified someone they maybe that person who is taking care of your love one who you may not have time to take care of..


  12. Oh please section 8 is a joke. Only the ones who’s on it will call it discrimination. First of all the people that I know of and live near by are using the system. People who don’t pay don’t care their properties. Girls usually have a bag of kids. Loud music unwanted company. The worthless boyfriends.

    I’ve seen these woman on section8 driving expensive vehicles!!! They party 7 days a week. They wear expensive gear. While poor me living in a one bedroom with my daughter because I cant afford a 2 bedroom. One of my paycheck pays the rent

    I know a few illegals who have section 8 too because of their kids. They take 500 out of my pay every pay period and I’m living like this. I went to college. My uncle had a house and section 8 people destroyed his house. Like how you break stove knobs? They destroyed the brand new front door.

    Now these LINC people moved in bringing in homeless weirdos in the neighbourhood. One moved down the block and cops came there 4 times when they just moved in. 4 of July omg debris all over the street. Neighbor’s complaint. They don’t work and idiol all day doing nothing.

    Next one church rented upstairs LINC. She was bringing in men at night smoking weed and drinking. They were leaving their bottles in my landlord garbage. She’s pregnant again!

    I dont care most of section 8 People are wrecks. Even working ones have game too. Its not fair. They need to put all of them upstate ny They don’t work and taking up space for people who do work and need decent apartments in the city.

    What about the ones that go to BJ s with their cart full of food and whip out the EBT card go outside driving a new SUV.

  13. I agree with above writers, you discriminate against people by a program they are in, or what color their skin is, hair is, how old they are…the ways you generalize and name any group shows you’re ignorance. Even your lack of spelling shows how ignorant you are ! Just because you may have been given a break in life, you choose to show hatred and label people. You shouldn’t say people choose that life! People don’t choose poverty. Any one would love to leave section 8 if they had a job that paid well enough to afford them to do so. I worked as a waitress nearly until my son was born to pay for an apartment. My husband had hurt his back in the roofing industry. When our name came up for section 8, we accepted. To this day I’m not sure it was the right choice. We had to move into a worse neighborhood, and I have been living in bad neighborhoods with my section 8 ever since. It is impossible to move to a good neighborhood because no landlords will take it there. What happens is after awhile, you get priced out as the rents increase, so you are stuck and can’t move with section 8. But how am I to know what would have happened if I never had section 8? Would I be able to pay market rent? Maybe I would have bought a house, I don’t know. Or maybe I’d be homeless? I can’t deny the help I’ve received and it has provided stable housing for my family.

    By the way, my landlord is an awful person! Where I live the landlords take full advantage of the system and break every rule, like entering without notice. My landlord divides the space below my house into a bunch of illegal rooms with bunkbeds off my garage, so he can maximize the money he makes off this building. The city and county does not even care if the landlords break housing codes (this is a single family housing), because they are all landlord too and profit off real estate in San Francisco, the most valuable real estate per sq. ft. in the USA. My landlord will also never fix anything, unless he is in risk of loosing money. He waits until section 8 tells him to fix it, and if they don’t catch it , it never gets fixed. For instance, I’ve things broken for 7 years (plumbing) that he still hasn’t fixed. I have to stick my hand in the back of the toliet that’s been running every other time for the last 7 years. He knows it’s broken and even it’s overflowed toliet water down into his son’s apartment (yeah his son’s are two of the 6 people living in the illegal units/areas), and he still won’t fix it.

  14. I’m 63 years old, live in the desert southwest, & ended up losing everything I owned & homeless for over 2 years because of illness. We were always middle class & left apartments & even homes we sold in better condition than when we moved in. Buyers & landlords never had to clean a thing, they were left move-in ready. We always received compliments when we moved out & still are highly recommended by the last apartment complex we lived before homelessness 6 years ago. We never made noise to disturb our neighbors, had parties & stay-over guests to disturb anyone, never even played music or had the TV volume up high enough to be heard by neighbors. We had to wait 3 years for the Section 8 applications to be taken but finally were put on the program.

    The unfortunate fact of life though, is the majority of Section 8 tenants ARE serious behavior problems for landlords, which is why the nicer places were forced to stop accepting Section 8. The problem for those of us who show our appreciation for the help we receive by behaving appropriately & taking care of our rentals is that we are all lumped together in the judgments about Section 8 tenants & innocent people are being punished for the choices of system abusers.

    Another problem is the insistence of landlords to judge everyone on their credit score. I had a 30 year credit history score of over 800 before all this happened to me, & absolutely hate that I now have an extremely poor score. I am being discriminated against by better rental locations solely because of my credit score, even though I have a clean criminal background & clean rental history & can provide highly complimentary references.

    What needs to change is that landlords must be forced to report Section 8 behavior problems as soon as they are getting complaints. Stop feeling sorry for the person just because they have kids, or will be homeless, etc… If that person does not appreciate the help they are receiving they deserve to be booted off the program so a decent person who has been left to die on the street because the abusers are sucking up all the benefits & the waiting list has to close down for 5 years at a time can have the home they need. If the police have to come, then it should be an immediate removal from Section 8 & eviction.

    Landlords, though, should give Section 8 tenants a fair chance, by basing their criteria on criminal checks 1st, previous landlord recommendations 2nd, & simply being sure the applicant does have enough income to pay their Total Tenant Portion of the rent. Then, start actually enforcing the rules & state laws where tenant behavior is concerned. Listen to other tenants when they tell you there are more people living in the unit than should be. Take behavior complaints seriously & for heaven’s sake, when you have multiple tenants reporting problems with the Section 8 tenant, immediately issue a 10 day warning & contact Section 8 to let them know you are receiving complaints. The minute something is done worthy of eviction, do not hesitate to file, as you can be avoiding a more serious problem down the road (such as the crack addict where we live, who was allowed to stay despite all the problems she was causing & finally set her apartment on fire, damaging hers & 22 other units in the process that are still empty & not producing rent 2 months later. Not to mention that she could have killed over a hundred people in the building in the process!)

    In the end, we All will be judged by the despicable actions of the system abusers, but there truly ARE Section 8 tenants who deserve to be given a chance. I wish I could find a decent landlord who would give me that chance & get me out of the one of the most dangerous buildings in the most dangerous neighborhood in our city so I could finally get some real sleep & not be on edge 24/7.

  15. I think we need an extra layer to section 8… like an social media vouch for you area? Credit scores and income are really deceiving. I would care more about a persons history, reputation. Also why not have trail periods where the landlord is allowed to go in and assess for damage? And if it doesn’t work out due to damage, noise, non-payment… they can be legally moved out the very next day?
    Do you know how difficult it is to evict a bad apple? Very difficult. That needs to change as well.

  16. Wow some of you people are worse than the so called “scum” your denigrating. I wonder how many of you Section 8 Haters are white people, although I am sure some of you in the discriminate and hate crew are non-whites, either way your commentary shows why the poor distrust the rich so much. I would be willing to bet, too bad I can’t empirically prove it that many of you spewing vitriolic hyperbole about ALL Section 8 tenants would not have the courage to say such things publicly. Which says something about YOUR characters where you have to let out how you really feel in an anonymous forum to avoid public disgrace.

    Sincerely yours,
    Former Section 8 recipient MBA holder and wildly successful entrepreneur.

    • Marcus Kensington,
      NICELY PUT. Congrats Mr. MBA , former Section 8 recipient, and a current SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEUR. NAMESTE.
      I guess if you are on Section 8, there is no way you can be educated. We are considered the low of the lows and these landlords are top notch, yet they are renting out their homes because they cannot pay their mortgage on their own, or they are just plain greedy.
      I am finishing my BA in INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL JUSTICE and a current Section 8 tenant. Not everyone is the same. Well, I take that back. In a bigots mind, they are all the same.

  17. These county and city wide bans on Section 8 refusal by landlords is deceptive. I spoke to the Housing Authority in Minneapolis and the employee said the prohibition against landlords who refuse Section 8 is only in the city area and the rule only prohibits then from ADVERTISING that they don’t take Section 8 vouchers. Significant is that a landlord can accept Section 8 but refuse to rent unless income is three times the monthly rent, all at once ,therby refusing the majority of Section 8 tenants who are extremely low income. It is still class discrimination

  18. I HATE the NYCHA Section 8 program!!!! They are the worst! Their inspectors are untrained only to come to fail the apartment. If you have a brand new apartment it will fail. They suck so bad!!!! The amount of time and effort to reslove an issue with them is taxing and exhaustive. They only hire people as place holders. The program is dead! Any experienced landlord will avoid them like the plague they are.

  19. I agree with you. Some of these landlords forget they were at one time struggling tenants themselves. They group people, like themselves, are being grouped. They think because they are landlords they are better and surely they are not.
    They think a working person will pay their bills on time and not create problems this is not true I have heard horror stories on both working and program tenants.
    It is all about using your judgment not the stereotypical side of yourself.
    I believe in Karma and I hope All of the closed minded Greedy Landlords do not fall on bad times and they once again have to be a tenant and they are looked at in a bad light because of it or discriminated because of their race.
    What Goes Around Comes Around. I leave you all in Gods Hands.


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