5th World Congress on Epigenetics and Chromosome

Epigenetics congress 2018 invites all the participants from all over the world to attend 5th World Congress on Epigenetics and chromosome during October 25-26, 2018, Istanbul, Turkey. The principal objective of this congress is to provide a platform for cutting-edge research in epigenetics and chromosome. Through energize sessions and plenty of networking, you will learn to be more brave and audacious than you are now and free to develop your mind, increase your business, and change your bottom-line in positive way. Epigenetics defined as the study of the epigenotype, which deals with the study of the properties of the pathways and processes that link the genotype and phenotype.

10th International Congress on Structural Biology

“We are so glad to organize “10th International Congress on Structural Biology” in Helsinki, Finland on October 18-19, 2018 at Finland with the theme “ Modern Exploration in the field of Structural Biology.”
Structural Biology Meet 2018 is a 2-day event offering the Exhibition, at the venue to showcase the new and emerging technologies and have wider sessions involving Keynote presentation, Oral, YRF (student presentation), poster, e-poster presentations. World-renowned speakers and eminent delegates across the globe attending the conference, to share their valuable presentation on the most recent and advanced techniques, developments, technologies, clinical trials in Structural Biology and relevant topics along the newest updates are the prominent features of the conference. ”

18th Global Ophthalmology, Optometry and Glaucoma Conference

18th Global Ophthalmology, Optometry and Glaucoma Conference (Glaucoma 2018), which is going to be to be held during October 18-19, 2018 at Helsinki, Finland in collaboration with European VitreoRetinal Society, Canadian Ophthalmological Society, Academia Ophthalmologica Belgica, Dutch Ophthalmic Society, America Health innovations, CoPHy, Sight2Save and The Federation for the Development of Africa will raise the most dynamic and latest issues in the field of Ophthalmology and Optometry. The Congress will highlight the discussion around the theme “The Science of Eye” by bridging the gaps between the intellectuals from across the globe to enlighten their research and findings at Glaucoma 2018. Conference Highlights
• Clinical Ophthalmology
• Pediatric Ophthalmology
• Neuro Ophthalmology
• Retina, Cornea and Eye disorders
• Optometry and Eye Care
• Glaucoma and Vision Disorders
• Ocular Oncology
• Ocular Microbiology
• Ocular Immunology
• Oculoplastic Surgery
• Cataract and Refractive Surgery
• Ophthalmic Imaging and Instruments
• Ophthalmic Drug Delivery
• Traditional/Herbal Therapeutics in Ophthalmology
• Ophthalmic Nursing
• Current Ophthalmic Research Trends