Video: A Campaign for Better New York Elections


Art Chang of the city's Campaign Finance Board.


Art Chang of the city's Campaign Finance Board.

If you’re having a surprisingly easy time dealing with the let-down from Election 2015, that might be because this week’s voting barely registered with the city’s electorate. In races for district attorney in three boroughs, judicial posts citywide and a smattering of local and state legislative seats, turnouts ranged from a sad high of 15 percent to a pathetic low around 5 percent. While this was an off-year race, New York City’s turnout problem is apparent even in more important races.

An effort called Vote Better NY is underway to try to improve voter participation in the city. On Wednesday, Ben Max of Gotham Gazette and Art Chang of the city’s Voter Assistance Advisory Committee discussed the push to modernize the Empire State’s antiquated rules around how and when we vote on Bk Live, the daily news program of BRIC-TV.

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