2 thoughts on “Homelessness Headlines Dog de Blasio More Than Bloomberg

  1. Should we hold Mayor De Blasio “accountable” for an uncooperative Albany cabal, for lack of funding, for decades of neglect, for insufficient and inept Federal policies, and for an inhumane and undemocratic economic system? Is there nothing else we can falsely hang on the neck of our first real progressive Mayor in ages? ..the first Mayor in years who cares about ALL his constituents? The phrase “Love thy neighbor” is much more than a cute cliche. It’s the true meaning of community, of our community. Especially if our neighbors are poor, hungry or homeless. These people desperately need our healing and our help – not our harsh words of hatred and harassment. For if YOU were in their tattered shoes; if YOU lived their shattered lives, then YOU would hope and pray and plead for compassion and understanding; YOU would hope and pray and plead that when YOU fell, people would help to lift you up – instead of kicking you further and further down. Yet, all too often our shameful response is to simply “sweep” them off our streets, out of sight, out of mind. What kind of society, what kind of community, and what kind of people are we – IF we close our eyes, IF we turn away, and IF we let people die on our street corners, in our parks..and ..in our hearts? IF we let that happen, then ask not for whom the bell tolls, dear neighbors. It tolls for thee….

  2. Anyone with common sense knows Bloomberg is responsible for the homeless. The media, politicians and fools dumb enough to keep blaming DeBlasio are just that; dummies.

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