Bronx News Roundup, Thursday, July 7

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Weather: Really hot and humid, again. High in the 90s, with a miniscule chance of rain early this afternoon. Should cool down tomorrow.

Story of the Day:
Darlene Urena, the 5-year-old Soundview-area girl who was shot in the stomach over Memorial Day weekend, is well on her way to recovery. On her way to friend's home to share a bag of Doritos, Urena was caught in a hail of gunfire, which police say was the result of a feud between rival gangs. During three hours of surgery at Jacobi Hospital, doctors stitched up a main artery and removed Darlene's appendix as well as a part of her intestines. While she still takes injections to prevent blood clots and is frightened by the sound of fireworks, Darlene “frolicked” around her apartment the other day and smiled as the Daily News took a photograph of her and her family. “I'm good!” Darlene said.

Quick Hits:
Meet Josue Vargas, a 13-year-old boxing prodigy from Morris Park. He fights tonight at the Loew's Paradise Theater on the Grand Concourse.

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