Bronx News Weekend Roundup, May 16

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Weather: It's a foggy, blustery morning in the Bronx today, with temperatures in the 60s and scattered thunderstorms predicted for this afternoon. We'll pay for last week's near-perfect spring weather with rain storms for the rest of this week.

Story of the Day: Diaz Family on Opposite Sides of Gay Marriage Fight
The Times describes the scene at Sen. Ruben Diaz, Sr.'s anti-gay marriage rally, which he held yesterday at the Bronx Borough Courthouse on the Grand Concourse to protest the legalization of same-sex marriage in New York (You can read an editorial about Diaz's rally, from the most recent issue of the Tremont Tribune, here.)

Among the attendees there in opposition to Rev. Diaz's stance was his own granddaughter, Erica Diaz, an openly gay 22-year-old who was discharged from the Navy last year after she told her superiors she was a lesbian. The younger Diaz told the paper it was important for her grandfather to know her stance on his politics. “It is in my blood to stand up for what I believe in — regardless of who I am up against,” she said.

Quick Hits:
Lots of drama at Yankee Stadium this weekend: the Atlantic argues that hitter Jorge Posada's “hissy fit”-he backed out of Saturday night's game against the Red Sox after being demoted on the team's batting lineup-is just one example of rampant bad behavior by sports stars.

A psychiatric patient being transferred from a Long Island hospital took off in an off-duty police officer's car, leading authorities on a wild chase that ended in the Bronx yesterday afternoon.

A retired New York City firefighter is accused of owning several Bronx apartment buildings that are illegally divided-a practice experts say is a dangerous fire hazard, and which played a role in a tragic blaze that killed three people in Belmont last month.

City budget cuts could close City Island's only firehouse, Ladder Company 53.

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