Diaz: We Won't Let Jersey Snookie Bronx for Hunts Point Market (Video)

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The funniest and most over-written part of Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz, Jr.'s state of the borough speech came at about the halfway point, when Diaz began talking about bringing business into the Bronx and holding on to those businesses that are already here. He mentioned the Hunts Point market, which does $2.3 billion in sales annually and is flirting with other suitors while it angles for a better deal in the Bronx. Recently, Jersey Gov. Chris Christie sent his lieutenant governor to woo the market's leadership.

Diaz has been criticized in the past for being ineffective in his attempts to keep Bronx businesses, including the Stella D'oro cookie factory in Kingsbridge, from jumping ship. Yesterday, Diaz attempted to temper that criticism by talking tough (and verbose) about keeping the Hunts Point Market in the Boogie Down.

“I don't know if you've heard the rumors, but while certain Machiavellian municipalities across the Hudson River . . .” Diaz began saying before the crowd started cracking up, as a huge photo of “Jersey Shore” drama queen Snookie (a.k.a Nicole Polizzi) appeared on the projector screen behind him. Here's video shot by BxNN contributor Rachel Sander yesterday:

Diaz vs. Snookie from Alex Kratz on Vimeo.

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