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FYI: Over 525,000 new housing units were constructed in New York State between 1990 and 2000, according to a new Census analysis by the Rockefeller Institute. Every year, Rockefeller publishes the New York State Statistical Yearbook, in partnership with the governor’s office and the state budget office. This year’s edition, to be released November 6, will contain analysis of Census housing data, some of which Rockefeller has released early. Suffolk County saw the most new building, with 49,936 units built. Manhattan and Brooklyn were second and third, by volume, with 34,071 and 29,483 new units built, respectively. By percentage of existing housing, however, St. Lawrence county in the far north and Saratoga county in the central east of the state led the way—more than a third of the housing stock in each county was built in the last decade. [10/16/03]

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