Power to the People

Deregulation of the electric industry has unleashed a flood of proposals for new power plants. It also makes the job of fighting them that much easier for a coalition of neighborhood groups out to stop them.

Zones of Contention

Waterfront neighborhoods have been dumping grounds for everything from waste stations to sewage plants. Residents are saying no more–and small businesses are getting caught in the crossfire.

Growing In

To its Harlem neighbors, P.S. 90 is just another abandoned monstrosity. But a group of community developers believes it holds answers to a pair of the era’s most vexing problems: urban underinvestment and suburban sprawl.

Running on Advocacy

Why fight City Hall when you can be in it? In next November’s City Council election, it will be hard to find a ballot that doesn’t include a high-profile activist–or three.

Foundation Frustration

Charitable foundations want to improve life in poor neighborhoods. So do community organizers. So why don’t more philanthropists put their dollars behind the grassroots?

Wage Rage

Big corporations and developers reap major subsidies from the city, but their service staffs make starvation wages. Now a wave of organizing campaigns is trying to change the equation.