The Great Escape

A 10th-grade global studies class. The Children’s Zone’s ultimate goal is to get as many of Harlem’s youth through college as possible. The Promise Academies have yet to graduate a high school class, so it’s not yet known how many will accomplish that feat. Photo by: Alice Proujansky

“If You Hit 65 Percent of the Population, That’s the Tipping Point.” By: Helen Zelon

At the Sheraton conference—co-sponsored by the Harlem Children’s Zone and PolicyLink, a California-based research and advocacy nonprofit with ties to the Obama administration— Canada drapes a lanky arm across the lectern as he speaks, sliding the mic from its stand, and moves downstage to confide in the audience.

Butler’s Last Stand

Once respected as a firebrand union leader for public hospital workers, James Butler is facing a dramatic grassroots member rebellion as he nears 30 years on the job.

Moving Day

Realizing that rent regulations aren’t enough to prevent evictions in the city’s newest hot spots, activists look for fresh strategies.

Growing In

To its Harlem neighbors, P.S. 90 is just another abandoned monstrosity. But a group of community developers believes it holds answers to a pair of the era’s most vexing problems: urban underinvestment and suburban sprawl.