City Lit: Through the Mill

Bronx Ecology: Blueprint for a New Environmentalism, by Allen Hershkowitz, and Tilting at Mills: Green Dreams, Dirty Dealings, and the Corporate Squeeze, by Lis Harris.

The Big Idea: Hedge City

Just recently, there was a growing consensus that a healthy city economy included outer-borough development. On September 11, that idea suddenly became grounds for ridicule.

City Lit: Heavy Suburban

A book review of How Cities Work: Suburbs, Sprawl, and the Roads Not Taken, by Alex Marshall University of Texas Press, 269 pages, $24.95.

Growing In

To its Harlem neighbors, P.S. 90 is just another abandoned monstrosity. But a group of community developers believes it holds answers to a pair of the era’s most vexing problems: urban underinvestment and suburban sprawl.