All That is Solid

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It’s a sad day for working stiffs when the monks move in, at least from the viewpoint of the longtime union watchdogs at the Association for Union Democracy. They’ve been keeping an eye on organized labor from their old brick mortuary building in downtown Brooklyn for five years. But recently, the building was bought by a group with a slightly different view of the merits of worldly struggle: the Zen Mountain Monastery of Woodstock. The Buddhists may have some angry spirits to exorcise when they move in, judging from the sentiments expressed in AUD’s latest newsletter: “When our lease expires in October of 2003 (perhaps sooner) our office will be transformed from a base and meeting center for the rank and file struggle to a Zendo where peaceful monks meditate and discuss the illusory nature of shakras [sic] and renounce material attachments.”

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