HRA Butts In

Work makes you free–especially if you’re toiling away in an ergonomically engineered $749 chair.

Hale No More

In January 1999, a team of independent education experts recommended that Sarah J. Hale high school in Boerum Hill be “phased out,” citing low student academic performance and poor attendance.

All That is Solid

It’s a sad day for working stiffs when the monks move in, at least from the viewpoint of the longtime union watchdogs at the Association for Union Democracy.

Hanging Out to Dry

A city union saved 200 hospital launderers’ jobs with an innovative deal. The catch? They’ll be spending the next year competing load-for-load with a private company–and only the cheapest gets to stay alive.

Power Outrage

The deregulation of New York’s power industry is making electric bills as freewheeling as the Nasdaq. Instead of taking a promised dive, prices are heading higher than the mercury.

Owning Up to It

In Massachusetts, a tenant group has persuaded everyone from Ted Kennedy to town councils to help them buy their apartments from the feds. And that’s just the foundation of the Anti-Displacement Project’s grassroots empire.