Lost For All Time

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Careful. If your career in the Giuliani administration moves too fast, you may never leave a trace. Just ask Lilliam Barrios-Paoli, whose stints as commissioner of the Human Resources Administration and head of the Lincoln Medical Center in the Bronx were never recorded in the Green Book, the official Who’s Who of city government. The latest edition was issued in December. Thanks to the two-year gap between Green Books, it was like Barrios-Paoli’s tortuous career path never existed.

There are plenty of other moves that have been lost to all time. When last seen in the Green Book’s pages, Elisa Parrish was deputy director at the city’s budget office. Her stint as chief of staff for former Deputy Mayor Randy Mastro was duly forgotten. But strangely, there is no explanation for her current disappearing act. She is now deputy commissioner in charge of foster care at the Administration for Children’s Services. But in the Green Book, she’s persona non grata.

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