Empty Promises, Part 1 of 2

More than a year ago, City Limits exposed a federally funded outrage: the milking of Harlem real estate for quick cash. The scheme has left dozens of shoddy buildings in limbo-and stuck HUD with a disputed $50 million-plus bill.

Loan Injustice, Part 2 of 2

Over a year after uncovering the HUD loan scandal in Harlem, City Limits tells the story behind the recent indictments–and how the government lets mortgage lenders run away with the bank.

Investing in Futures

A project to transform one Harlem street looks a lot like a slew of other initiatives nationwide that eradicate blight by empowering residents to rebuild. But the revival of 118th Street features something startlingly new: the largesse of one man determined to buy a block’s future.

Green With Envy

Neighborhood environmental justice groups have labored in obscurity for years, picketing polluters and tilting at transfer stations. Now, as national evironmental organizations are eyeing their street-level work, some wonder whether New York’s “EJ” groups will keep it real.