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Right-wing City Journal scribe Heather MacDonald seems to be popping up everywhere. Her phrases are echoed in the mayor’s speeches. She holds forth on New York 1. And she has been appointed to the mayor’s CUNY task force.

But now MacDonald’s high profile is in the crosshairs of Bully Pulpit, a new fax monthly put out by the Welfare Reform Network.

Its premier issue–out last week–confronts MacDonald’s coverage of welfare, employment and poverty by reproducing her own prose: “I’m better off as a woman than a man in our society,” Mac Donald writes. “I’m getting breaks that white men are not going to get. If I were a black woman, I would absolutely have it made. If you’re black today with a middle-of-the-road high school education, you can write your ticket to any Ivy League school.”

“It’s our chance to examine who writes about welfare and what’s written about welfare,” explained Cristina Di Meo, a contributing editor from WRN’s sponsor group, the Federation of Protestant Welfare Agencies. “We felt we needed to respond to the way welfare has been portrayed in the media.” WRN, whose members include Community Food Resource Center, Welfare Rights Initiative and Hunger Action, says future issues will focus on non-MacDonald topics.

To get on Bully Pulpit’s fax list, call the Federation of Protestant Welfare Agencies at 212-777-4800.

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